Gearing up

I know where the term “March Madness” comes from but for me, it has nothing to do with basketball.

In my world, it’s tax time. Time for me to figure out my fertilizer needs and how I’m going to pay for it. Time to find enough money to fill our diesel tanks before the cost per gallon makes it impossible. Time to prep all the equipment for the fast approaching hay season and time to move all the cattle to summer pastures.

A busy time on the farm to say the least. It’s also the beginning of the busy time for The Fire Critic (Rhett Fleitz) and Our “travel season” is just around the corner and our schedule is filling fast.

Rhett and I have actually already had a good start to 2012 and it’s only going to get better.

We kicked off the year with a couple unexpected trips but we wouldn’t have traded them for the world. We get into a little bit of everything but, January started off with a first for us…. motivational speaking. We had kicked the idea around for a long time but The Swoope Volunteer Fire Company’s Awards Dinner was to be our first venue. We were a huge success!

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Still in January, we got together with Zach Green and the awesome team at MN8-FoxFire and raised some money for the FDNY’s Rescue 2 MayDay Fund. You may remember the December 19, 2011 Brooklyn blaze that seriously injured firefighters Wiedmann and Gersbeck of the Famed Rescue 2.

Thanks to the efforts of our readers and loyal FoxFire customers, we were able to raise over $2,300.00 for the fund that supported these two members and their families during their recovery! It was a very humbling experience. We presented the check in person to Captain Flaherty and the men of Rescue 2.

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At the time, Brother Gersbeck and been released for the burn unit to continue recovering at home. Firefighter Weidmann remained in critical condition and would require many more surgeries and accompanying time in the unit. Well guess what?? Last Friday, March 23rd, Brother Wiedmann was finally released. Let me rephrase that … not only was he released, he WALKED OUT of the burn unit!

Firefighter Robert Wiedmann heads home:

After returning home from New York, we intended to take it easy and rest up before our full schedule began. Well, that didn’t happen. Somehow or another, we had to find the time to launch a new web site. We have been doing product reviews on our sites for a while now but we never really had a place that was easy for our readers to find them all.

We would soon launch Fire Product .

It’s a GREAT site!  Not only do we give you our review / rating of the products, we also allow YOU to score them as well!

Yea …. with our site, you get to rank the product too. Maybe you found something we didn’t. Maybe the product is not as effective for how you operate. Not everyone will agree with our opinions and we wanted to make sure that you get the “Low-Down” on these products before spending the money. If you haven’t already …check us out. Be sure to tell us how you would “score” the products we’ve reviewed.  Use the link above to visit the web site or …

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We didn’t stop there. Instead of that “rest” we were supposed to be getting, we then teamed up with the National Firefighter’s Endowment to create and support  “Brotherhood Cuts“.

“National Firefighters Endowment is a non-profit, public charity with a driving passion to protect the lives of our firefighters. We believe that small actions can have life altering results and that the right equipment in the hands of our heroes can literally be the difference between life and death.”

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Our involvement would have me packing my bags again in March. I traveled to Pinnacle, NC to visit with the Shoals VFD and open our 1st ever event. The goal was to raise money to purchase “Bail Out Bags” for the Surry County Departments.  Thanks to Firefighter Chaplain Chris Gillett and several others, they raised over $2,000.00 towards their purchase!

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Now, we are gearing up for FDIC (Fire Department Instructor’s Conference) to be held April 16-21st in Indianapolis.  It’s a HUGE event and once again, Rhett and I will team up with Zach Green and the MN8-FoxFire Team!

Visit us in Booth #3026 !

We already have a very busy schedule for the week but want you to tag along. The easiest thing to do will be to meet us at the booth. We might even have a couple “Booth Babes” on hand!

We will be able to give you a personal demo of the FoxFire Products. Did I mention “Booth Babes“? There, we can also  share our itinerary with you so that we can spend some time together away from the convention floor.

There are several other events to attend other than the classes and exhibit floor while at FDIC. There’s the FOOLS Bash, the IAFF party, a 5k run, Battle of the Bands, Stop Drop and Rock and Roll for the NFFF, a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, an exhibitor’s combat challenge and so much more! We’re going to have a BLAST!

Rhett and I will be wearing our new patch!

Yea … we’ve had our own patch designed by the folks at NM Coins LLC. These guys did an AWESOME job! They have also created our new Challenge Coins and badges.

We should have a few “give aways” on hand for FDIC.  The coins and patches will also be available to purchase very soon in case you miss us at FDIC. We will let you know where and how asap. Until then, check out NM Coins and let em know what you think of the design. Better yet, throw some business their way and let em do the same for you and/or you company / Department.

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I guess I should also mention that we will be wearing kilts.

In preparation, I’m going to take Rhett to a tattoo parlor sometime this week. I’m going to have the devil put on one of his knees and the great Chicago fire on the other. It will be more realistic that way because Rhett wearing a kilt is going to look like HELL!   LMAO !

All kidding aside, check out the folks over at Alt Kilt and pick one out one for yourself. Don’t be the only guy at the next event in long pants!

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So there ya have it …. Rhett and I are geared up and ready to go … I hope you are too! The next big trip is FDIC and we’d love to meet you there. We should be easy to find but just in case … remember Booth 3026 ! 

Im on duty tonight and will back Thursday and Saturday. I’ll check back in asap … I’ve got some breaking news out of Botetourt and a few local happenings to report as well. Until I get back …

stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines