Heavy fire on arrival in Roanoke, Va

The Brothers and Sisters of B-shift caught one well involved not far from Station #5 yesterday.

With exposures on both the Bravo and Delta sides, our priorities as well as strategies and tactics must be refocused.

When fire has this much of a “jump” on you in a neighborhood with older, balloon framed construction , it’s easy to burn the entire block.

What kind of master stream devices do you have set up that can be easily and quickly put into place?

How quickly can your company put a 2 1/2 into service on an exposure ( direct application or water curtain )? Do your rigs carry enough water to briefly support such operations or are you dependent on hydrants?

One firefighter was transported with minor burns and a civilian was treated on scene. Looks like another good job from our B-Shift Brothers and Sisters!

Watch a short video of the fire HERE

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I’ll check back with ya a little later on this evening… meanwhile, this should generate some good conversation.

Until I get back… stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines