Fighting Fire and smelling GREAT … thanks Easter Bunny!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a long tour for me.

I started off by transferring out. Yea… the Captain took a detail. What’s even better is that I detailed myself out to a Medic Unit.

Not just any old Medic either … I went to one of the busiest in the city… Medic 5 ( I’ve got skills like dat yo).

The good news was that I had a good Medic with me. I actually just wrote about him the other day .. it was one of my past “Melrose Misfits” …Brad “Opie” Glidden. Read my earlier post by clicking HERE .

I only made it half the shift (12 hrs) and then I turned the reins over to Randy. I had hoped that the change over would be the last time I saw either of them for the remainder of the shift … that wasn’t to be.

At about 01:30, we caught a run that Medic 5 was assigned to as well. It was a working fire.

The incident was just blocks behind station #5. The Engine was out on another call so Ladder 5 was first in. We were less than a minute behind and would be the first in Engine.


Boots and I would have the first line in and Randy and Opie were assigned to assist. I moved Randy up to the knob with Opie backing him up.

There were multiple rooms involved with fire on both the first and second floor. We caught some good work and the boys did great.

The fire is going to make a good teaching point for me to present to Randy tomorrow. He and Opie took some heat on this one where I stayed sheltered ( Click the picture above left. When it comes up, click it again to enlarge. Note his melted bourks).
It’s all about being in the right position. I lead the attack but positioned myself beside or behind them when flowing water.

We were in the same room, under the same conditions yet my bourks remained in tact. I maintained a good position to shield myself from the heat. That’s why I always teach attacking from the door jamb. That way, you have something solid to brace against and direct the reaction force toward ( the jamb vs your body). It (the jamb and wall) also can act as a heat shield to fight from behind.

Shane Parkins and a few others threw out some bets as to whose helmet would see work first … mine or Rhetts. Well pay up boys … this one counts as quality work. My new Phenix Fire Helmet  has been doing GREAT. She’s light weight, comfortable and took the heat well. I also LOVE the custom leather shield  from Box Alarm Leather …. looks GREAT and also took the heat.

So anyway, it was a long shift.

I wish I could tell ya every unit that responded but because of multiple incidents going on at the same time, it was a little confusing. I think companies on scene were… L5, E13, M5, E1, BC1, E4, E5, L7, M2, and BC2.

Everyone on scene put in some strong work and made a good quick stop. Unfortunately, A-shift was back on the scene today with heavy fire.

WDBJ7 has some coverage HERE

So, the good news in all of this??? The Easter Bunny also came …. and just in time too!

I received a care package from our good friends over at AXE Products.

It seems they have some new products out and they wanted Rhett and I to give them a try.

Body spray, shampoo / conditioner, deodorant, shower gels etc.

I’ve done a “product review” on AXE Products before and LOVED em.

See that post / review HERE

Rhett and I will get this one out as soon as we put the new product through it’s paces. Our product reviews are a little different now in that they are all posted to our new site instead of on Ironfiremen or Fire

It’s a GREAT site where we even give you the chance to “score” the products we review.

Visit our Firefighter Product Review site HERE


Stay SAFE and in House … I’ll be back with ya tomorrow!

Captain Wines