Show us your TETS

Get your minds out of the gutter…. I said  “TETS” …. not tits….LOL

Tets as in tetrahedrons … you know … those little triangle things we wear on our helmets?

After you’ve seen one… you want to see em all!

Me ….. I’m wearing the MN8-FoxFire  tets…. Rhett ( The Fire Critic ) is too.  We wont use anything else. Not only are they reflective (and more so than any other you’ll find on the market today) , they also illuminate (glow in the dark on steroids). Designed by firefighters, for firefighters…. They are the best on the market!

Now, We WANT TO SEE YOURS! What are you wearing? I hope they’re FoxFire. If not, they should be!  Comment here or send us a picture on Face book.

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These “tets” are proven and I can speak for them personally. My Rookie firefighter “Rocket” Randy Armbrister wears them as well. In my last post I told you about us catching some work. See that post HERE .

Randy took a little heat on this one. I had to have his gear tested due to thermal hits. He ruined his leather front and bourks and even spidered his mask. Now don’t worry … Randy is just fine. He was just a little out of position and got warm. He wont be again.

He held up fine and so did his MN8 FoxFire products. Randy was wearing the Illuminating Helmet Band and the Tetrahedrons. That’s his helmet pictured above left.

Before we took the picture, he had already cleaned the helmet. Looking at the front and bourks, it’s east to see it was hot. The thermal hits on his coat were on the left side (obviously, that’s where the fire was) so that’s where the majority of the heat was coming from.

Look at the tets … THEY HELD UP.  You can’t tell from the picture but they still glow and reflect! Whats even better is that the glue held up. Most tets would have burnt off…. NOT MN8- FOXFIRES.

He hadn’t washed the helmet band yet (as of the photo) but believe me when I say that it too will clean right up with mild soap and water.

I’ve known this all along but I still love it when someone new to the product sees it for themselves first hand.

Randy was unexpectedly excited at how well his FoxFire held up compared to everything else. YOU WILL BE TOO!

You may remember that Zach, Rhett and I even tested the products inside the Cincinnati flash over simulator .

Revisit that post HERE

They have many more products that are just as impressive as well.  If you haven’t heard of MN8-FoxFire yet then climb out from under that rock and watch this video…

MN8-FoxFire has received high scores from reviewers and customers on sites such as Firefighter Product Review.

Find MN8-FoxFire’s review on Fire Product

If you’re using MN8 FoxFire products, be sure to submit your ranking as well. If you’re not using it yet and want to …. you’re in luck. FDIC is next week and Rhett and I will be there along with Zach Green and the entire MN8-FoxFire Team. Stop by the booth for a personal demonstration …. you’ll thank us!

I’ll do one better than that and go back to the title … “SHOW US YOUR TETS”. Be the first person to show up at the MN8-FoxFire booth and show me or Rhett your tets and we’ll give you a free gift.

Find MN8-FoxFire and our entire team in FDIC booth #3026

We really want to see you folks so be sure to stop by … tets or no tets … we want to hear your stories and have the chance to show you this amazing product. Rhett, Zach and I will be all over Indy so if for nothing else, stop by to get our schedule and find out where to meet up with us off of the exhibit hall floor.  We look forward to meeting you!

Until then, stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines