A little prayer never hurts… of course clean balls goes a long way as well.

I don’t event know where to begin. We head out for FDIC in the morning and I’ve  been busting my butt for the last several days trying to get everything caught up on the farm so that I can be away. Sorry I haven’t gotten a post up but I figured you kind of enjoyed looking at those MN8-FoxFire tetrahedrons anyway. Yea…. you’re welcome and NO… I wont tell ya whose they are.

I guess the best place to start tonight is with the Buckaroo. Today is his Birthday!  He turned 4 years old and I couldn’t be more proud.

I remember the day he was born like it was just yesterday. I was on duty with the Melrose Misfits at Station #9. I had the boys out doing Pre-Fire Plans when I got “the call”. I slid over to the Medic Unit with Ben “Tyrone” Obaugh, marked it out of service and headed to the hospital.

Tyrone stood guard by the door and within no time, the Buckaroo was born and I was cutting the cord. I think Tyrone was as nervous as I was. It was the first  (and only) time he had seen me cry. I was honored to have been able to share that moment  with one of “my boys”.

I can’t count the moments I’ve shared with the Buckaroo . That’s him at just a week or two old in the old “War Wagon” from Station #9.  I’m looking forward to a million or two more …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little fella.

Speaking of being proud and sharing “moments” …. I went to church this past Sunday. I went and the lightning didn’t strike nor did the roof cave in. What’s more is that I didn’t go alone … there was a whole group of firefighters in attendance.

Our Battalion Chief (Theodore “Teddy” WENDALE Adkins) thought it was a good idea and invited us all to attend our Department’s Chaplain Father Sandy Webb’s Church ( St. John’s Episcopal Church). Without pressure, several members attended.

My entire Company was there and once again I found myself humbled. I say that because I don’t (can’t) talk a lot about faith / religion with my members. I do think and worry about it often …especially with our Rookie Randy. I hope and would like for him to get started in the right direction at this point in his life (new job, new home, getting married etc) and hope we are setting the right example. I’m not saying that Church is necessarily the “right” direction but I at least want him to know and understand that if that’s his chosen path then I support it. Not just me either … the entire company does… WE support it.

As a Company, we live, eat and play together. Because of that, we are united and that enables us to fight together (fire fighting). Now, we’ve added another level to our bond of Brotherhood and have attended Church together. We’ve prayed together and this past Sunday, even received Communion together. I could write an entire post on the emotions I felt knowing that George, Todd and Randy were knelt beside me. The look in Father Sandy’s eyes as he moved from one firefighter to the next. My eyes swelled with tears. Tears of Pride, Honor, Tradition and Respect. It is the sharing of these moments …. personal / private moments that make us stronger. It’s what makes us BROTHERS.

So, how am I going to go from Church with Father Webb to clean balls??? Kilts of course!

That’s right, The Fire Critic ( Rhett Fleitz) and I have just received our new kilts from ALT Kilt.

These kilts are AWESOME! 

I had no idea that they were so well constructed. The material is heavy duty yet comfortable. They fit perfect and look GREAT . I can’t wait to wear this thing at FDIC this week!

We tried the other companies and ALT KILT was the only one who came through for us. If you’re thinking about, wanting or looking for a kilt (and you will be after you see us in em) then TRUST ME … Alt Kilt is where you want to shop.Hit any of the links above for their web site or find, like and follow them on Face Book

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So, we now have kilts and are planning to wear em at FDIC this week. Good thing AXE  just sent us some of their newest products for a “review”. See that post on IronFiremen.com by clicking HERE . The good news for any and everyone who will bump into us at FDIC is that the good folks from AXE also included some of their existing products in our “care package” … ie: the Axe Detailer

LMAO … so anyway, look us up at FDIC … we want to meet ya! The easiest way to find us will be in the MN8-FoxFire Booth inside the exhibit hall.

Visit Captain Wines and The Fire Critic at FDIC in the MN8-FoxFire Booth #3026

Show us your “tets” and tell us your FoxFire story. Let us give ya a personal demo and make plans to meet up with and hang out after hours! We will have our new challenge coins, patches and a new “chip” to pass out.

Yep … patches and a new Challenge Coin from NM Coin .

Not going to be at FDIC???? Don’t panic. You can now purchase Ironfiremen and FireCritic merchandise directly from NM Coin!

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These guys do GREAT work…. Our coins ROCK!

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We’ve got a full but GREAT schedule while at FDIC. We will be at the Fools Bash, The Fire Rescue 1 Meet Up, The Fire / EMS Blog Meet Up, The 5k run, The 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, Stop Drop and Rock and Roll and much much more! Like I said, FIND US …. hang out and tag along. We’ve already picked up two Brothers ( Mike Elston and Andrew Catron ) who will be making the trip up with us. We are going to have a BLAST!

Rhett has our itinerary in a Fire Critic post HERE.  We will take and have plenty of photos etc from our experiences and will try to keep you up to date through Face Book ( not sure we’ll have the time for a full post here).

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Hit the “LIKE” button and be sure to follow … you wont want to miss anything this week! Until we get back to ya … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines