The simplicity of Brotherhood

It’s Tuesday and I’m still in the bed. It’s been a long standing kind of joke with me but I always tell everyone … if I owe you money, a shift at the firehouse or if there is something you’d like to say to me and you hear I’m at the doctor’s office or the hospital … you’d better get there quick. LOL

Well now’s the time. I think I’m going to have to go.

That said, I’ve been laying here, watching cartoons with the buckaroo; unable to get up and move around ( he leaves me that little spot to the left just above his head by the way…LOL). Anyway, being tied to this bed has given me the chance to do some thinking and I’d love to share this thought with ya … hang with me while I try to type it out.

It’s seems as though for so many, the meaning of the word “Brotherhood” has been lost. Not just the meaning either, when you think about it; you really don’t even hear the term used that much anymore.

That is unless you’re around me and Rhett.

For us, it’s all about Brotherhood. We define it as Honor, Tradition, Pride and Respect.

We even had “chips” made with those words on it.

It’s our business card if you will. We call them “Brotherhood Chips”.

It’s what we pass out when meeting Brothers and Sisters for the first time. It’s a pretty cool idea and they have been a huge hit!

Click HERE to get yours !

My point here is that it’s more than a “word” for us … more than a “term”.

Everyone asks us what the meaning of Brotherhood is, why it’s not as prevalent anymore and where it can be found. I’ve said it many times here on the site and will say it again … the Brotherhood is all around us!

It was everywhere at FDIC.

Take the Pipe and Drums for example. Did you folks realize that these Brothers and Sisters receive NO ACCOMMODATION?

FDIC doesn’t supply travel expense, hotel rooms or even event passes!

They are up there, on their own dime; because they WANT to be. Yet they ARE the opening ceremony.  They played before the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. They played at the FOOLS Bash. At every bar in the area. THEY MAKE THE SHOW and it costs them. They sacrifice their time and money for US. That my friend is BROTHERHOOD.

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As Rhett and I walked around the floor of FDIC, in our ALT Kilts …wearing Phenix Helmets with custom fronts from Box Alarm Leather and fire boots; all eyes were on us.

I don’t say that bragging but everybody in that exhibit hall saw us. At first it may have been “look at those two yahoos” but very soon those same people were trying to get our names, pictures with us and a chance to get us in their booth.

My point here is this. While walking, we noticed it. We seen you see us coming. I don’t know if it’s a “southern thing” or not ( shit… did I just put Rhett in a “southern” category?? I must be sick) but when you make eye contact with one of us … we speak.

Now, for us; it’s not “hello” or “good day”…. our response is almost  always “HEY Brother”.

It’s another “head turner”. It’s almost like we catch em off guard with the word “Brother”.

Some would (and have) argue the point of how do we know if that person is a “true” Brother / Sister or not. Maybe they’re a MUTT? For us, it’s simple. If you’re where we are, we share at least something in common. We’re at that same place for a reason right? And for us, it’s about the Fire Service. Until proven otherwise … we give ya the benefit of the doubt.

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I mentioned in my previous post how at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, Brothers and Sisters were sharing and giving each other ( and me) words of encouragement. “Good job Capt”. “Way to go Capt”. “Keep it up Brother”….etc.  (Read that post HERE )

Hell …. just climbing is an act of Brotherhood!

What I failed to mention was the aid the the Brothers and Sisters taking a break were offered.

These climbs are NOT easy. Many members have to stop to rest and / or cool down along the way. In Lucas Oil Stadium it was easy…. you just grabbed a bleacher seat. I know that Rhett asked each and every member we passed 1.) if they were ok 2.) If we could help carry some of their gear back down.

Yea… he offered to take on more of a load just to lighten someone elses. Someone we didn’t know … but a Brother or Sister none the less.

Do you realize how easy it is / was to ask such a simple question??? Maybe the hard part is knowing to ask?

SIMPLE things. I’ve received a ton of phone calls, e-mails, texts etc with get well wishes etc. Some from Brothers and Sisters I’ve never met beyond Face Book, Twitter or my site. IT’S AWESOME !

“Thinking about ya Brother.. hope you’re feeling better”. WOW …. just a note that quick made my day.

“Brother”??  Am I a Brother??  Maybe just calling someone “Brother” will push them to become a better one. Maybe it will open their eyes that others view them as such?

Brotherhood doesn’t have to be something huge. It’s caring about and looking after one another. RESPECT for your fellow members. Pride in how you represent our profession. The Tradition of looking after and caring for our own and Honoring   those who came before us, those beside us today and all who will follow.

Sorry I got on a rant … THANKS for the get well wishes… I’m tougher than I look and just may live.

Stay SAFE and in House

Captain Wines