Better late than never!

Because my puter has been down … I missed two very important days last week.  Two days of celebration.  One marking the death of a terrorist, the other marking the birth of a Fire Service Media Icon.

First, we reached the 1 year anniversary of the Death of Osama Bin Laden!

Like the headline from the New York Daily News said… I hope he rots in hell!

SPECIAL THANKS to Seal Team 6 for a job well done. I only wish that his death could have been much slower and painful. The thousands that he murdered and the many more he left behind suffered. He should have too.

I could and would have killed him with a cotton ball. As long as that would have taken, it still may have been too quick. The good thing for him is that I’ll never get that chance. I do take comfort in knowing that he seen his killer. I’m sure he seen the seal coming towards him and knew he was American. I can only hope that he got the shot off before Bin Laden closed his coward eyes. I smile thinking that the last thing this POS  piece of shit seen was the muzzle flash of an American weapon. I hope his mind was consumed with fear and that the impact was painful.

I celebrate his death and the victory of a battle. I say “battle” because the war is far from over. There is a lot of work left to do yet. I say kill em all … including those awaiting trial still today. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his Al Qaeda cohorts have been making  a mockery of Democracy all week. They have been smiling, reading books, ignoring questions  and even gave a “thumbs up” during their hearing.

9/11 trial: Al Qaeda’s court tactics anger families of victims

They never should have made it to trial in the first place and I hope that they too ROT IN HELL. Is it personal for me … YES.  I knew several of the men they murdered and I will not forget the sacrifice they made.

One of the ways I remember and honor those lost is by participating in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs. Rhett and I have posted about our climbs many times. We’ve completed 5. If you haven’t participated in a climb yet …YOU SHOULD.

Can’t climb? No problem. Register and another Brother or Sister will carry the name and memory of one of our fallen for you. Register, show up and support those who are climbing…. you WILL make a difference.

Learn more and find a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb near you

Ok .. enough with that rant for now … let me move on to the 2nd day of celebration I missed . A BIRTHDAY !!! Not just any Birthday either … turned 5 years old this week! ( that’s just 1 year older than the Buckaroo …and Statter calls Rhett “young”…LOL)

CONGRATULATIONS Dave! Congratulations and WELL DONE!

Statter’s 5 yr post HERE

Raise a glass Brothers and Sisters … he’s earned it.

Trust me … keeping these sites up and going is not an easy task and Dave Statter sets the standard.

I say that with all due respect and seriousness. For Dave to have been able to keep it up this long is unbelievable ( just ask Hilary …LMAO) All kidding aside, 5 years at the top is one hell of an achievement.

Despite what Rhett says, Dave Statter IS the King of Blogs!

King of blogs
by: Capt

Dave, Rhett and I have had a BLAST over the last few years and I’m honored to call him a friend.

We always give each other (the three of us) a hard time on our sites and it’s all in “good fun”. You’d be shocked at how many people  ask me if the “feud”  is actually real or not…LMAO

OF COURSE IT IS !!!! Rhett and Dave HATE each other… I’m the one caught in the middle!

We’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the Country together and Dave has impacted members (good and bad) from coast to coast through his writings / reporting.

That said, his greatest impact on me has been a little closer to home.

Forget the trips. The dinners, ball games etc. Dave (and his family) have opened their home to me. To me, Rhett, my step mother and Dad actually. When Dave learned that we (Rhett, Dad and I) were going to climb in the Greenbelt 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on the 10 yr Anniversary of the attacks, he wouldn’t hear of us staying in a hotel….WOULDN’T HEAR IT!

He opened his home and the 4 of us stayed at the 5 star “Hotel Statter”. It was a very generous offer and a true act of Brotherhood.

Read my post from that trip HERE 

Dave has also impacted me through his work with the NFFF (National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation) . He is the reason I attended my first Memorial Weekend back in 2010 and  the reason I wont miss another.

Read those posts HERE  HERE and HERE 

Become involved with the NFFF and attend the Memorial Weekend … it WILL change you!

So, congratulations on 5 years once again Dave!

Thanks for the guidance, support and friendship.

Most of all, thanks for the child support checks (you’re late for last months payment by the way) over the years. Im sorry about the “deadbeat dad” lawsuit but, at the time; I felt like my hands were tied.

Hello to Hillary and Sam … keep up the GREAT work … see ya in Ohio!

The rest of ya … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines