Where were YOU when the world stopped turning

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I’m not going to get it done in tonight’s post…. I hope this one will be short and sweet and I’ll get more up tomorrow.

The title of this one has a few meanings to it. First off, I went to an Alan Jackson concert this past Friday night. IT WAS AWESOME!

I’m not sure who to thank … my Department, our Civic Center, the concert promoters or Alan Jackson himself because our tickets were free. Somehow or another, both the Fire and Police Departments received several free tickets to disperse to their members.

Our Department simply paged out that they had em and to call if you wanted a set. I made the call without thinking. Had I have thought about it, I most likely wouldn’t have called. It’s the beginning of hay season and a very busy time on the farm. I’m not a fan of big crowds or loud music …. I don’t “get out” and it’s most often by choice.

After I got the tickets, I began regretting it. Too much going on, having to end my day early … take a bath etc. In my mind, the only “plus side” to going was that my wife (Donna) would get a much needed and deserved night out.

When we walked inside the civic center, I was shocked … it wasn’t a good turnout for the show. I figured Alan Jackson would see all the empty seats, play a few tunes and haul butt. HE DIDN’T.

We had GREAT seats and the stage had a large TV screen on both sides. The camera crews did a fantastic job of getting the “right” shots and provided plenty of close ups of Alan. It was evident in his facial expressions that he was playing for / from his passion for his job (it was obviously not because of a “packed house”) He played as if he was standing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry or Madison Square Gardens. The music was not too loud or over bearing nor was there an excess of lights, explosions etc…. it was Alan Jackson singing.

I know most of his songs but have never seen him perform live. I was hoping he would play “Where were you when the world stopped turning” and he did. I stood through the entire song. Donna kept pulling at my shirt, wanting me to sit but I would have none of it.

I stood to honor and thank him for honoring us.

He even had the well know picture of the firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero on the screen as he sang.

If you even have the chance to see an Alan Jackson concert … GO!


I’ll throw in the video for anyone who has never heard the song ( and I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t ) but there’s NOTHING like hearing it live and in person ….

Ok, the 2nd meaning of the title for this posts is due to where I am tonight and more than that … WHO I’m with. Rhett and I are on yet another “road trip” but, this time; Dave Statter is with us (or we’re with him…lol).

Yep … Rhett and Dave are traveling together and I’m along to chaperon.

Apparently, I’m good at what I do because it’s been nothing but a “love fest” thus far … it’s almost sickening…LOL

We are in Newark, Ohio where we (Rhett and Dave ) have teamed up to present on  social media in/for the Fire Service.

We are at the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association’s Leadership Seminar  and these folks are in for a real treat!

I’ll update ya more in tomorrow’s post on how we’re getting along. The two “stars” of the show are currently down in the hot tub working out their pre-show jitters so I should have plenty to report.

For a little local “catch up”, the Brothers and Sisters from our South Side caught a little work last day ( Sunday ) and a citizen caught it on video. Rhett has the complete set of all 3 videos over on Va Fire News  HERE .  I’ll include “part 1” which includes the knock down …

I’ll check back tomorrow…. until then, stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines