We're at it again ….

My postings have been few and far between here lately but don’t panic …. that’s normal for me around this time of the year.

Hay season has officially started so the Buckaroo and I are spending most of our time in the tractor.

The days are long and hard and the honest answer is that by the time we get in … I’m just too tired to post.

I only wish that I could sleep as sound as the Buckaroo.

So while the Buckaroo and I have been hard at work on the farm, the “busy season” has also began for me and the “Buckaroo #2” …. aka Rhett.

This is the time of year that we typically hit the road for conferences,  teaching, speaking engagements etc.

Last week, we even teamed up with Dave Statter so he and Rhett could present “Social Media in the Fire Service” at the Ohio Fire Chief Association’s Leadership Seminar in Newark, Ohio. See my previous post HERE .

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We had a BLAST in Ohio and met some really great folks.

It  seems as if these Ohio Chiefs “get it”.

Rhett and Dave presented what is most likely the most well rounded class on “Social Media in the Fire Service” in the nation. They were able to really engage the Chiefs. Actually, the class kind of continued later on that evening out on the dock over a few beers.

We even had the opportunity to share a meal with the members of Newark’s (Ohio) Station #1

They have a GREAT house and even better members! Thanks for the meal and the BROTHERHOOD!


This week, Rhett and I are at the Monmouth County Fire Academy in Howell, NJ teaching social media for Kean University .

I think this is like the 5th time Rhett has taught up here for Kean.

Once again, we’ve found ourselves on the Jersey Shore.

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Rhett keeps talking about some kind of “situation” with this gal named “Snooki” or something. Apparently, she’s pregnant and they aren’t sure how it happened. He says they are even filming a TV show about it and he thinks we should be on it.

I don’t know how he talks me into all this stuff …… next thing you know, we’ll be paying child support to some Jersey gal who is already making 5 times my salary.

Well I don’t know about any TV show or it’s cast but I do know that we have met some GREAT folks up here.

Last night, Tim Mickens picked us up at the hotel and took us out for a pizza and beer.

Tim is a Brother firefighter from the Little Silver Volunteer Company here on the Jersey Shore.

Apparently, Tim has been following our sites (and on Face Book) and didn’t want to miss the chance to meet us in person.

I’m glad he didn’t …. Tim is a GREAT guy who obviously “gets it”.

He took us out to Zacharys  and we had a BLAST!

The food was awesome … the beers ICE COLD and the Brotherhood strong.

We shared a ton of stories and bonded new friendships.

Even our waitress, Amy; had a good time …. I don’t think she has ever met anyone quite like us….. LOL

She was a real cutie and yes Dave Statter …. she IS standing up and Rhett IS taller than her (he was so excited..LMAO)

The only thing in NJ hotter than Amy last night was the fire we missed in Long Branch….


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I think Tim actually got the page for the fire but we were already too many beers into the night to go. And, while I’m talking about fires …. they have a couple going today here at the Monmouth County Fire Academy.

This is an amazing facility. I will try to get out and grab a few pictures during lunch break and update you on our trip later on.  It’s going to be a quick trip for us and we’ll be heading home this evening so I’m not sure if the update will come tonight or sometime tomorrow. At the least, we’ll be able to throw some pics up on Face Book so keep checking in with us regularly.

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Until we get back to ya … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines