Catching up ….

There’s no way I can do all the catching up I need to in one post but I do want to bring ya somewhat up to date.

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately and it’s kept my busy, up late and too tired to post.

Obviously, the Buckaroo and I have been hard at it on the farm but, this weekend; we got a special break …. we went camping!

Not just any spur of the moment camping trip spent in a tent with 3 very well positioned rocks either … I’m talking campers and a KOA campground complete with a swimming pool! Talk about relaxing!

Georgie ( Lt Perdue ) and I packed up the crews and headed to Wythville, Va to watch our Rookie Firefighter (Rocket Randy Armbrister from Max Meadows, Va) tie the knot ….. yea … he got married.

It was a VERY nice wedding ….. western style and held outside in a scenic location by the river.

Mrs Dana made a beautiful bride and as it turns out … Randy cleans up pretty well also.

I have to tell ya … I am VERY PROUD of Randy and all he’s done here lately.

He’s not even off probation here in the Department yet. He came to us just a little less than a year ago and has to make it until July 10th for his review.

I first introduced you to Randy in a previous post  HERE .

He’s been learning and growing ever since that day. Our training began right away and he’s never complained. Mowing grass, cooking and cleaning in his SCBA could have scared him off in just his first cycle …. it didn’t.

Of course, it wasn’t  long before I had to “pull the book” on him to keep him on the straight and narrow… read that post  HERE .

It’s been humbling for us to watch Randy grow not only into a good fireman but now a husband as well. Both are HUGE accomplishments and I’m confident that he will do well at both.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Dana and Randy … Mr and Mrs Randy Armbrister!

I am a little confused as to why Randy had to take this cycle off. I mean … he got married on Saturday over our 4-day break. We’re working Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this week; so there shouldn’t have been any conflict right??

Hell I’ve seen firemen take a few hours off to go watch their children born and then return to work … I guess the days of wooden ladders and iron firemen are gone (now we have iron ladders and wooden firemen …LOL).

Speaking of birthing babies … Travis Meador aka “Wheezy” and his wife Misty are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy … Owen Meador!

I’ve stole a few pictures of the little fella but will hold off putting em here for the world to see until I talk to Wheezy …. I’m just glad little Owen looks like his moma.

I hope he got her smile too …I can only imagine what kind of life the kid will have going through school if he gets that poop eating grin his daddy so often sports …. LMAO

Murray from A-shift Station #1 also just had baby and I think we have one more due very soon … must have been something in the water. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to Wheezy, Misty and Murray.

So, everyone is busy with home / personal stuff but it’s also been just as steady here on the job…. fire and EMS

This is a fire that happened just before shift break last week.

Obviously, it was well involved when the Brothers from #6B rolled in. They also had some water issues which certainly didn’t help matters .. I’ll post more on those issues soon.

Anyway, the Brothers from Stations #6, #8, #11 and #1 were able to overcome their challenges and get it under control.

We’ve got our new Ladder #1 in service now and Engines #6 and #8 will be in service with their new Pierces very soon!


We are getting back to having some really nice equipment on the streets.

The picture to the right is the members from Station #1-B and was taken last week on the Kirk Ave fire.

This would be the last “working fire” that this rig would respond to for our Department. Later in the week, she was replaced by a brand new Pierce Tiller.

My dad retired from Station #1 and worked many fires from this rig. Although I was never assigned to #1, I did work out of there a lot and also caught some work off her…. it was a good truck and served us well.

I’ll get some pics of our new rigs up soon …. Ladder #1 is in service and Stations #6 and #8 will be training on their new Engines next day (Wednesday).

We’re beginning to see some Pride come back into our Department …slowly but surely.

I see it in the tables, patches, logos etc our Companies are building / designing.

Station #2 … aka “The Deuce” has most recently designed a new patch and it looks GREAT.

The Brothers and Sisters from “The Deuce” have a few remaining. They are selling em in an effort raise enough money for their next project…. if you’d like one (or for more info), contact Zach Obenchain  at

If you or your Company would like their own Patch or Challenge Coin, contact the folks over at   NM Coin  web site  or  Face Book  (You can also get your Ironfiremen / FireCritic patches, coins and even package deals there … click HERE for those).

Ok, even though I have a lot more to share; I’m going to stop here for tonight. It’s getting late and I’m riding the Battalion buggy this week (that usually means we are busy).

Before I go … I do need to share this shot of an extrication we ran last cycle with the Brothers and Sisters from Ladder #5.

They got all 4 doors and the roof off  to facilitate the removal of two occupants.

The boys wanted me post it because they are doing a little fretting… wonder who taught em that????

You see, the regular Boss on the Ladder was assigned to the Engine that day and missed the job. The good news is that while the boys were cutting and spreading, Tom caught 2 EMS runs from E5….LMAO

AND … speaking of Extrication … if ya haven’t already check out one of the newer sites here on the Network … it run by a good friend of Rhett and  mine, Paul Hasenmeier 

Visit FirstDue Tackle

I’ll be back on Wednesday … until then

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines