Camera tricks from The Fire Critic, a mixed bag including Roanoke working

We’re back on duty for the middle day of our cycle. We returned from our 4 day break to work the 4th of July.

Our day was fairly quiet but the pace picked a little just after dark.

I was still “riding the car” as acting Battalion last day. That’s why the night was busy (I’m a black cloud).

I also had a ride a long with me for 1/2 the shift … and that’s why the day was quiet.

Nate Camfiord has lived in the area before, but has spent the last several years up in Northern Va. He’s looking to relocate back to our area and decided to look me and Rhett up while here.

I had never meet Nate before but we are “friends” on Face Book. He posts a lot of fire related pictures and they’ve always caught my attention…. he’s caught some GREAT shots. I gave him a tour of the City and our stations and he was able to snag a few shots along the way.

They’re not like “buff” pictures … Nate’s shots seem to “tell a story”.  If you haven’t seen his work, check em out on his FB page by clicking  HERE .

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My pictures are nowhere near the caliber of Nate’s but I did think this was a pretty neat shot.

I also have a CRAP camera.

Several years back, the Melrose Misfits bought me a Cannon Power shot. I LOVED it! That baby took a beating. I carried it in my gear, on the rig or where ever.

Finally, I she had all she could take a month or so back and it was replaced with Kodak something or another. I don’t like this one at all. From what I can tell, the Cannon is discontinued so I’m going to have to find a suitable replacement. If you have any suggestions …. send em my way.

So anyway, the picture was taken from atop Engine 5. As soon as Nate left the station from his ride a long, we caught this run for a kitchen fire…. LOL that’s always how it works.

I also found a video that was shot while we were working an extrication. Engine #13 responded for a hit and run. We arrive to find moderate damage and the front doors jammed. I established command and called in the boys from Ladder 5. They got all 4 doors and the roof making for GREAT patient access. Also on scene were Medics #5 and #4.

So, I’ve gotten a few comments / questions about The Fire Critic (Rhett Fleitz) and his lack of postings of late. Well, rest assured, my little buddy is alive and well.

He’s taken a little bit of “family time” (which is very contagious) and he’s been without power since the big storm last week.

Well, it’s been all that plus this “workout kick” he’s been on.

Yea … Rhett’s on a workout kick. He’s EAT UP with it actually.

Now, I don’t care what he does at the station but his new fascination is even affecting our personal lives.

On our last road trip, he was sipping on some kind of health shakes that his wife mixed up for him before we left… yea Statter … it was like putting bottles in the diaper bag before heading out.

THEN at the hotel, I get out of the shower to find this –>

Can you guess who packed which bottle??? LMAO … it’s almost embarrassing. I mean my little buddy on steroids … all JUICED up!

That stuff ain’t good for ya.

It’s already started to mess with his brain. This stuff has got him so screwed up that he went out and bought a used tire to “play with” at the Station.

He calls it his “toy” and says he spends all day out on the pool just flipping it around. Why didn’t he just grab a tin can out of their recycle bin and go out and kick that around?

That’s what I used to do as a kid and I turned out fine. AND .. I’m in good shape….. hell, I’m in my PRIME ..LOL

Well, I’ve done a little digging and think that Rhett my be using some of his old “camera tricks” on us … yep this photo may have been staged.

My investigation found that they actually have 2 “workout tires” at Station #3.

One for Big Dave Lucas and a “special” one for Rhett

Aint it cute Dave Statter???? And just his size too …LOL

Ahhhh … the things little Rhett can do with photo shop. I think he even doctored those arms in the pic above…

LOL … all kidding aside, Rhett has been working our very regular and it’s paying off. I wish I had his drive and dedication. He even managed to squeeze a post out about it… Read “A New Toy at the Firehouse” 

In other news, Rookie Randy is home from his Honeymoon and Back to duty.

I’ve been worried SICK since he’s been gone.

Off somewhere, shacked up in some hotel room doing Lord knows what.

Now he’s home, all tired and dirty. I’m not sure what he got into but it’s bad.

He’s got something on his lip that wont wash off.

I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed. I even did the ol Granny trick … you know … lick your thumb and scrub. LMAO … Randy says it’s a “mustache” … he CAN’T be serious. With a peach fuzz, dirt smudge on his upper lip, he’s going to talk to ME about mustaches???

I also need to pass along a PSA.

If your riding around in the Catawba area and see my Dodge 5500 (the “Cowboy Cadillac”) , any of my tractors, a fork lift, 4 wheeler or a pedal car fire truck coming … yeild and move to the right.

The Buckaroo, at 4 years old; now has his driver’s license …LOL

I don’t know where or why he got the idea but he’s been on a mission to get/have a driver’s license.

Well, all he had to do (and he knew it) was to tell his Granny. She promised to make him one and mail it to him straight away.

I couldn’t drive past the mail box without stopping for a week. Well, it arrived and he was tickled to death!

Just the fact that there was a letter in there addressed to him had him excited.

I’m going to stop here for tonight and try to get a little rest.

I’ve got a long day of storm clean up and hay to make tomorrow. If any of ya feel like chucking some square bales in 100 degree heat tomorrow, just give me a call…LOL

We’ll be back on duty Sunday to finish up the cycle.

I’ll check back in with ya then but, until I do …. stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines