Working Fire, Extrication and Firehouse Expo!

We caught a small job at shift break this morning… we were coming on, B-Shift was going off.

It’s a hell of a way to start the day.

Engine 5 was first due with us on their heels.

There wasn’t a lot of work and “little miss Carlie” made quick work of what there was anyway. It’s hard to believe she’s been on the job a couple years now … I can remember her first fire 0r the first time she was on the nozzle anyway..

See that post by clicking HERE .

I’m sure Bugg did the work on the picture above … he’s done some awesome mixed black / white and color shots.

This pic to the left is one of my favorites ….

That’s the ole “War Wagon” from our “Melrose Misfit” days back at Station #9.

She brings back a lot of good memories plus it’s a very cool shot!

I also like the one he did of the new Station #5 shown below…. I’m gonna have to get him to teach me how he does that.


Cool pics huh? One other neat thing goes back to the first picture (top right). Because the fire was at shift break, several of the members hadn’t had the time to change into their uniform yet. They just threw their gear on over their civi’s.

Did ya notice the shirt Wheezy has on? Apparently, I’m the only one on the planet who didn’t know what The Chive is. Apparently, it’s a web site that’s even more popular than that Fire Cricket site. A lot of cool pics, videos etc. They even have a section dedicated to firefighters … check it out HERE .

So, like a started out saying … it’s been busy around here lately. Storms, fires, extrications etc…

The pic right  is a MVC we caught last day.

We were first in with reports of “possible injury”…. ya think??

We arrived to find 3 vehicles involved and this Caddy with heavy damage.

We got an additional Engine, 2 Medics and Ladder #5 for extrication.

As usual, the boys did a great job and made quick work of the incident.

Don’t worry, we’re not hogging all the excitement …we’re actually going to take it on the road ….

Rhett ( Zach Green (MN8-FoxFire) and I will be bringing a TON of excitement to Firehouse Expo in Baltimore this week!

Rhett and I will be wearing our custom made kilts from ALT Kilt and should be easy to spot in a crowd.

We shouldn’t be too hard to find anyway.  Thursday evening at 3pm,  you can find us at the Northern Virginia Fools Bash..

Details for FOOLS Bash HERE 

We will also be on the floor of the exhibit hall in Booth #123 with MN8 FoxFire

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Be sure to stop by Booth #123 to say hello and get a personal demo of the FoxFire Products from Rhett or myself. Also hit us up on Face Book to see exactly where we are and what we’re doing … we’d love to meet up and grab a few beers.

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We will get you more details as to our whereabouts over the next few days so be sure to keep checking in. Until I get back to ya … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines