Roanoke Valley working … fatal fire and mock disaster (multiple shooters at community college)

It’s been a busy day for  Fire / Rescue and Police members of C-shift in the Roanoke Valley (Va).

My tour started with a fatal house fire.

We were assigned to provide mutual-aid to Salem by filling one of their stations. Very soon after,  we were redirected and ordered to report to the scene of the fire.

Knowing I was heading for “work” (and unsure of the resources Salem had on scene), my Battalion added and additional Engine and Truck (Engine 4, Ladder 5) to the Mutual-Aid assignment.

We arrived to find the Brothers and Sisters of Salem Fire & EMS hard at work. They had made a great knock down on the fire and searches were underway.

Crews were able to locate one person dead inside the home. Further details of the fire, the name, age etc of the victim can not be released at this time. Notification of family members of the deceased are still pending and the investigation into the cause of the fire continues.

Read local news coverage HERE

I will comment further on what stood out in my mind and that is how well our Mutual-Aid system worked (especially considering everything else happening in the Valley this morning …more on that in a moment).

Like I stated, at first; we were dispatched (as a single Engine) to fill a station for Salem. They have 3 stations (use the link above for more about Salem Fire & EMS) and all of them were assigned to the fire. When they realized they still needed more resources, we were redirected into the fire.

The location of the incident was just a block from the City / Salem line. My Battalion added an Engine and Truck to the incident so Roanoke County Fire & Rescue then stepped up to provid the coverage for Salem’s station. That’s 3 jurisdictions working together and it was executed flawlessly. We don’t do a lot of mutual-aid for working fires ( it’s mostly for EMS runs and goes both ways between all 3 jurisdictions) so it’s not like we get a lot of practice / training on it.

I’ve got to say that it felt good knowing that all 3 localities were working so well together to get the job done. Different radios, different dispatch centers, protocols etc …. a job well done by everyone involved.

Here’s the other part …. all of this happened while a MOCK disaster was going on at a local Community College. Reports are that 350 Fire, Police and EMS personnel were on hand for this training exercise. There were 150 school employees and volunteers playing the role of victims.

The scenario was multiple shooters on campus with several fatalities and many more wounded. It was an obvious test of our skills and resources. Reports are that the event went well although I’m sure (and hope) there will be some “lessons learned”.

More local coverage from WDBJ 7  HERE

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Captain Wines