Roanoke Working! 5 civilians displaced, 4 firefighters injured

Roanoke’s Bravest faced yet another heavily involved house fire at approx 1am Wednesday morning (8/15/2012).

The Brothers and Sisters of A-shift arrived at 832 Staunton Ave NW to find heavy smoke and fire conditions from side “Charlie” (the rear of the structure).

The residents were home at the time of the fire but were able escape on their own.

Reports are that there were smoke detectors in the home but they were not working.

The were 5 residents who were displaced by the fire and will either stay with friends / family or be assisted by the Red Cross. The home sustained heavy damages estimated in the $80,000 range. on Face Book. Click HERE then “Like”

There were also 4 firefighters injured in the fire.

All of the injuries were described as “minor” with 3 having been treated at the scene while the fourth was transported to a local hospital.

The photo to the left is the right ear of Drew Abel, one of the firefighters operating on the 2nd floor.

Drew was on the nozzle and making a knock on the fire when he received steam burns to both his ears (the right more severe). He was wearing all of his PPE (including hood and helmet ear flaps) and wearing it correctly.

Roanoke carries both smooth bore and fog nozzles on their attack lines but I am unaware of which Drew deployed. Roanoke has a long history and reputation of aggressive, interior fire attacks. Most often, Roanoke’s firefighters will make their way to the seat of the fire before applying water. This tactic allows us to keep a large percentage of our fires contained to the room of origin. The “trick” to this tactic is that ventilation MUST be coordinated with the attack. If not, and the fog nozzle was deployed; these types of injuries can occur. Heres some local news coverage …

More from



I have spoken with Drew and he is doing well. He will be placed on “light duty” for the next week or so until he is healed and should make a full recovery. GET WELL SOON Brother!

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Until I do get back, you Brothers and Sisters stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines