Trick or Treat?

Hummmmm…… decisions, decisions… I’m kinda thinking the “trick” may not be so bad.. LOL

Everyone thinks I’ve been a little hard on the Medics here lately so, this picture is just for them. You’re welcome.


I say that with some hesitation because there are many on (and near) the East Coast who I’m sure are not in the celebrating mood.

Thanks to hurricane Sandy, many are living in Emergency Shelters. An unknown, but high; loss of houses and businesses. Millions without power. A death toll of at least 48 including Lt. Russ Neary of Easton, Connecticut’s Line Of Duty Death (Details found by clicking HERE) .

I put some links, including video; in my previous post. Click the title below…

Read “Fortunately Spared” by clicking HERE 

If you’re out celebrating Halloween tonight, please take a moment to remember those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Better yet, send more than a thought their way … DONATE directly to Hurricane Sandy Relief through The National Firefighters Endowment by clicking the link below…

NFE First Responder Relief Fund

So it’s Halloween and other than the Hurricane, my thoughts turn to the Detroit Fire Department. There, tonight is known as “Devils Night” due to the large number of fires they face.

Many plans are put into place in efforts to curb the mischief but their resources are still overwhelmed. Last year, they seen a 44% reduction in fires (from 169 to 94). Fire Engineering has more HERE . Let’s hope the trend continues. More on Detroit Firefighters (including a link to live dispatch)  HERE .

My thoughts then turn to here because I’m riding as the Acting Battalion for the North Side this cycle.

Typically, that’s not good news for the Brothers and Sisters of C-shift.

Like I stated in my previous post, we were fortunate to have only faced high winds and cold temperatures from Hurricane Sandy. I hope my luck holds out for tonight as well. We’ll see.

To all the Chauffeurs pulling a tour tonight, keep an extra eye out for all those “trick or treaters” out there.


My Halloween actually started a little early. I worked an extra shift and covered for the Fire Critic (Lt Rhett Fleitz) this past Saturday.

The Company was assigned 2 Pub-Ed events that day, the second of which was a “Trunk or Treat” event at a nearby school.

With an estimated 2,700 kids, the place was PACKED and a huge success.

We seen some GREAT costumes, both home made and purchased. I included this one because of the little guy in the Hulk Costume (Station #3 uses the Hulk as their mascot)

I had several favorites in the crowd.

This little fella was Super Mario.

I’m not sure if he was just smiling that big or if he had his mustache on upside down.

Either way, the little guy looked good. He LOVES fire trucks and was just as fascinated with my stache …lol

Hopefully, the Buckaroo will get by the Station tonight (and more hopeful that I’ll be here) so I can see him in his costume. I’ll get some pictures up if he does.


I’d also love to see some pics of your “Trick or Treaters”.

Does your station even have Trick or Treaters stop by?

Do you carve a pumpkin (jack-o-lantern) for your station?

Send me some pics and I’ll run em here on I will also create a photo album on Face Book to share them (or I’ll trick Rhett into doing it over at

Like with so many of the “little” things we do, I think this is a GREAT way to show PRIDE and HONOR in your Department, Company and the JOB. It’s also a great way to interact with your community / customers.

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I’ll try to get another post up Halloween night but it will all depend on how busy we stay. Again I’ll ask you to keep those affected by Hurricane Sandy in your thoughts and prayers. If able, use the link in this post to donate directly to the relief efforts through The National Firefighters Endowment First Responder Relief Fund.

Also keep the First Responders in your thoughts as they continue with recovery efforts. This time is often as hazardous as the initial event.

Lastly, show some firehouse PRIDE tonight. Carve a pumpkin. Open the house doors and pass out some candy. Make a kid smile … they’ll remember you for it!

Stay SAFE and in House!

captain Wines