A couple small fires, audio of Captain Wines establishing command and some firehouse fun

I guess I should catch ya up seeing as how I haven’t posted since Halloween.

Not only was Halloween a busy shift, it was a busy cycle. We worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week. I HATE that cycle. This time, I even managed to squeeze in Hurricane Sandy, her aftermath and Halloween into the mix. You can read my  Halloween post HERE .

My “black cloud” followed me the entire cycle, Friday was no better than Monday or Wednesday.

We had two small fires, one on the North Side, the other South Side.

The common denominator with the two seemed to be Engine Company #4, They were first in on both incidents (Smoke and More … running 4 !).

The first was a report of smoke inside and apartment. Members arrived to find a moderate smoke condition inside a second floor apartment.

The trouble was, there was no fire. Their investigation continued to the floor below where they located the source of the smoke. With the assistance of Ladder 5, the fire was quickly knocked down and the structure ventilated. Nobody was displaced and damages were minimal.

Later in the evening, Engine 4 would arrive to a single story ranch, residential structure to find a chimney fire in progress.

It’s funny how at this time of year we always see something like this incident. October is Fire Safety Month and our Department does an excellent job of educating / reminding our citizens about smoke detectors, batteries, chimney inspections, E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills In The Home), Having 2 ways out, Meeting places, Stop, Drop and Roll etc.

All this work and effort yet we still see fires / incidents that could have been avoided.

Anyway, once again; the members on scene did a great job. Engine 4 was assisted by Ladder 7, Engine 1, Engine 8 and Medic 4, Battalion 1 and RS1. They got the fire out of the box (stove), used a dry chem, chimney bombs, PPV and chains to clear the flue. The better news is that they performed these operations without causing damage to the home (smoke etc) so once again, nobody was displaced.

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While we’re talking about fires, I’ll back up to the small one I had Halloween evening. I managed to be first in with the Chief’s buggy and established command. All members on scene, as always; did a GREAT job. I have some of the audio from the fire and will share it with you. It’s nothing spectacular. I’m not sure it sounds as smooth as it ran because a lot of my orders etc were done face to face. Everyone seemed to arrive at the same time (which is a good thing). Again I’ll remind you that, in my Department; our Incident Command model works toward 3 Bench Marks … “All Clear” on Primary and Secondary Searches, “Under Control” and “Loss Stopped”. You hear use make all three in the audio below…

Click HERE for Working Fire audio

Again, the good news was that we had no major incidents over the cycle (Monday’s post found  HERE). With that said, the calls seemed to keep coming in … one after the other. I managed to throw my helmet up on the dash and turn on my FD Cam during one of our runs, If you’re not familiar with FD Cams, check them out by CLICKING HERE.

It’s a GREAT camera! Rhett and I both have one and should have a review up very soon over at Fire Product Review.com . Take a short ride with me while responding in the Battalion buggy by watching the video below ….

So that was some of the work that went on last cycle but, there was also some fun squeezed in as well.

The North Battalion runs out of Station #5 and C-shift has a great crew, Three of the members were adopted from The Melrose Misfits so it’s almost like being home again when I work out of that house… ALMOST.

They’re a strong crew. They work and train hard but they also play hard. You never have trouble finding a good laugh around this bunch!

Since it was Halloween, the boys figured to get some candy for the Trick or Treaters. Of course, they had to get some of those super sour tarts for themselves as well.

It wasn’t long until the shenanigans began.

Who could eat the most of em at one time?

Who could tolerate them the longest?

Who would be the first to give in?

Of course the only thing funnier than watching Wheezy suffer through a mouth full of em was watching him convince Carlie that it wasn’t “that bad”…

LMAO … yep … She tried it!

Poor gal.  Actually, the pictures don’t do it justice… you had to be there.

I do have to say that she took it like a Champ. Had I have been the Judge, Carlie would have been crowned the winner. She’s tougher than she looks … that is until the “Boogie Man Mask” comes out. Then she screams like a… well…. she SCREAMED! LMAO

The boys caught her heading to the bunk room. The put the Boogie Man Mask on and met her (unexpectedly) at the door. I think they took about 10 years off her life!  LMAO … I know … they used to get me ALL THE TIME with that damn mask!  Check it out…

Ok, the wind everything up, I’ll just add that between chores, the Buckaroo and I did get out and vote .

I’m not going to say which way I went, nor will I bitch or gloat about the results. I will say that I’m honored to live in a Country where I have that choice. My voice was heard, regardless of the results.

With that said, I hope to now be part of the solution … not the problem. I will support our government anyway I can in hopes of improving our way of life.

I hope you can find a way to do the same.

In closing, please continue to keep our Brothers and Sisters on the Northeastern Coast in your thoughts and prayers and they continue to recover and rebuild.

Stay SAFE and in House … I’ll check back in as soon as possible.

Captain Wines