Veterans Day 2012

Not to confuse the two, Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving.

Veterans day’s origins reach all the way back to 1918 with the German’s signing of the armistice, on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month; ending World War I.

Right or wrong, I look at Veteran’s Day in a little different light. I say that because in my thoughts and reflections of this day, I include Fire, Rescue and Police members. I do that because in a way, we too are Veterans. Meaning no disrespect to those who have served in our armed forces, we too have stood on the “front lines” here at home. We are often the first to respond and first on scene when terrorism strikes here at home. In each and every City and Town, we are the first line of defense.

The photo to the right is the Header from a web site I happened across.

“The goal of this effort is to create and strengthen the connection between those who serve in the military and those who serve in the fire service as a means of bolstering both their ranks, their morale and their respect for each other’s work. We have plenty in common.”

Vist Soldier / Firefighter by clicking HERE

I also ran across some great Veteran’s Day quotes in an article over on the Huffington Post . Here are a few of  my favorite …

“When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?” -George Canning

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

THANKS YOU … to all our Veterans. THANKS to all who have served, over seas or at home. May God bless and protect each and every one you. May he also comfort and watch over your families while you’re away.

(Use the link above for more Veteran’s Day quotes from the Huffington Post.)

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Back on the job, it’s been BUSY, BUSY here in “the Noke”. Today is the last of the cycle for C-Shift and many have earned our upcoming 4-day break.

Last day, Friday; the Brothers and Sisters of the North Side were facing a series of suspected arsons. Actually, the South Side was affected as well seeing as how Engine #6 took in a fire in North East and ended up on the nozzle.

The incidents began around 11pm and lasted well into the morning.

There were several vehicle fires, one with extension to a structure; and a house fire (unoccupied).

I love the media coverage of these incidents (what little there was). If you didn’t know better, it sounds like PD handled the incidents. That could be really good news for Roanoke’s Bravest because if the Police Officers are going to handled the fires, maybe the firefighters will get guns !?! LMAO … who do ya think that would work out?

Local Coverage HERE, HERE and HERE .

Speaking of Engine #6, I got to work on the SouthEast Express with the Brothers and Sisters of A-Shift yesterday.

I was paying back some time I owed to Brad Creasy ..aka “Bedford” (pronounced BED FUD).. LOL

I had the boys a bit worried. I had been off sick the day before and wasn’t 100%. I was uncharacteristically quiet and it had em on their toes.

We had a good shift and even got to get out and enjoy the day with the community.

I love working that section of town and out of that House. Dad spent the majority of his career there and it’s where I made Lieutenant. I have a ton of GREAT memories from my days there, working and/or visiting dad.

Away from the station, it’s been just as busy. So busy in fact, that Rhett even had to make a post on IronFiremen on my behalf.

Well, that’s kind of the truth. You see, a previous Volunteer Fire Chief from our area is back in the news. The charges against him keep getting worse and worse. This time, it’s RAPE.

It was recommended by a Judge that I refrain from posting on this upstanding citizen and I did. Rhett, however; was able to get the story out and keep you all updated on the latest.

There are several issues from this story that need attention. Several lessons to be learned. I think I can talk about them without making “Mr innocent” the center of attention. I’ll try to get those posts up soon. Meanwhile, check out the Fire Critic’s quest post on by clicking the link below.

“Questions remain for Botetourt County after former Chief arrested for RAPE”

I think he did a good job with the article and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds. Thanks for taking the time Brother!

I say thanks for taking the time because Rhett is just as busy, if not more; as I am lately.

He’s been slamming the posts out over on the Fire Critic web site.

This is his busiest time of year posting wise.

To begin with, this is the time of year when he announces his picks for the Top Ten Firefighter Calendars. He does the list for both Male and Female Firefighter Calendars. If ya missed that post, use the links below ….

The 2013 Top Ten Calendars as chosen by The Fire Critic…

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This is also the time of year when Rhett puts out his Top Ten list for “Christmas Gifts for Firefighters”

This is my favorite list that he puts out all year. It’s always FULL of great gift ideas for the firefighter in your life. As much as I hate to mention it, Christmas is just a little over a month away. Get that shopping done early and allow for shipping time. He changed his format just a little this year and actually has several items in various categories. It’s a GREAT list … check it out below …

Fire Critic’s 2012 Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters!

We’ve also been busy over on another one of our sites that you may find helpful here at Christmas.

Of course, this site is a good one for firefighters year round … not just at Christmas.

The site is unique in that we allow you … the reader and consumer to “rate” the product as well. This way, you’re not just getting our opinion … you’re getting those of Brothers and Sisters from all across the world.

We have several new reviews up and several more awaiting posting. If you have a product you’d like us to review, CLICK HERE . Check out our reviews through the link below …

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Ok … that should keep ya busy and entertained for a bit. I’ll check back in over 4-day break. Until I get back, stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines