WTF ! Rookie Randy leaving Lucky #13

In the words of Chief Billy Goldfeder … WTF !

Well Trained Firefighter … and I hope that’s how our little “Rookie Randy” is leaving station #13… well trained.

It’s been a good ride and I’m gonna miss him. Yesterday was Randy’s last tour assigned to Station #13C. Next day, he’ll report to Station #5C.

I hate to see him go, but it will be a good move for him.

I never agreed with a “rookie” being assigned to our house in the first place. We are not the busiest company in the Battalion nor do we have a Medic Truck (ambulance). All new hires are required to become ALS providers within 3 years so assigning them to a station with an ambulance only makes sense.

Anyway, on July 10, 2011 Randy Armbrister was assigned to Station #13 C.

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Even though he had just completed our 16 week Rookie School (Class #14), we still hit the streets on day 1 to assure he had the “basics” down.

We spent that first day catching hydrants (snap and screw), stretching and advancing lines and learning to stick with the Captain.

We also worked a lot with SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). Some of my readers / followers of the site thought I had gone crazy.

I had Randy sweeping, mopping and even mowing the grass while wearing his air pack.

It may have looked crazy from the outside looking in but I wanted to be sure he was familiar and comfortable with his SCBA … he life depends on it.

He did well with it … VERY WELL. Come to find out, Randy actually received an award from his Recruit Class related to SCBA. It didn’t matter to me because we were going to go over it again and again and again anyway.

We tried to teach him everything he’d need to know for a 30 year career.

We covered everything from making his bed, brushing his teeth, washing cloths, showers, cooking etc. We even talked about girls … yea … GIRLS.

Ya see, Randy is not from around here and one day I caught him in a “stare” .. “transfixed” even so I had pull the book.

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Of course safety was our TOP priority as is evident in this picture. There had been heavy rains with a good chance of flooding so we had Randy wear his PFD (Personal Flotation Device) all day … the Chief was VERY impressed! LMAO

All kidding aside, we worked very hard with Randy of things such as ROAM (Rules Of Air Management), MAYDAY, RIT (Rapid Intervention Team), self rescue and more.

It’s a good thing because before too long, Randy caught his first job.

We were 2nd due but got the nozzle. A 2nd floor bed room, well off extending into the attic.

I got to the top of the steps and closed the bedroom door until Randy was in position. When I opened her back up, the fight was on and Randy had it darkened down in no time!

We also got to do a little salvage and overhaul operations. A good learning experience for a Rookie Firefighter. Randy put in some SOLID WORK.

Of course there was a lot more of burning up the books than our customers homes around Station #13.

Don’t get me wrong, Randy has seen some work over the last year and a half but we’ve kept him in the books more than anything.

It takes a lot of discipline for a young firefighter to keep his nose in the books.

If you don’t have an assignment from the Officer, you should be studying or looking over something.

Mouth shut, ears open is a good rule of thumb for the Rookie firefighter.

Randy did a good job at that. Of course he always had that Max Meadows smile on his face and knew to ask questions whenever he had em (other than on the scene).

I’d say he learned a good bit just by watching and listening. I hope he did anyway.

We made a lot of progress over the last 17 months and logged some valuable training.

Hands on, on the job, book, computer, simulators and more.

We trained just about any and every way I could think of and Randy passed every test.

Of course sometimes it took more than one try …LOL

Just look at the windshield of the driving simulator …. LOL

I wish we had just a little more time with Randy because we were just starting to work on pump operations and driving the Engine. That may have him a little behind the others in his class but I felt as if there were more important things to focus on. Im not 100% sure that a 1 yr man should be driving anyway. Let em learn the job of being a firefighter before worrying about friction loss and all that.

So you can tell that we stayed busy but we also have had a lot of fun along the way.

Our Company is more than a group of firefighters … we’re a family and we’ve watched Randy grow into Well Trained Firefighter.

We’ve watched him grow into a husband, having married the love of his life… Mrs Dana.

And even watched him grow into a mustache!  If you can call that think on his lip a mustache ….LMAO

Our Lieutenant, George Perdue and Senior Firefighter Todd Harris have both worked equally as  hard to ensure Randy received the training he needs.

We’ve done our part and now he’s “leaving the nest”.

He’s not excited about going but we’ve told him that in no time, he’ll realize that there’s more out there than Station #13.

It’s a chance to learn, to grow and to become a better firefighter. We told him to hold his head high and maintain the work ethic etc that we taught him. I’m sure he’ll make us proud because he already has!

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GOOD LUCK and best wishes to Randy from his family at Station #13…. represent us well. Always remember the 3 things NEVER to fool with …. ( snakes, electricity and hookers with adams apples) and NEVER FORGET where ya came from.

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines