Size Matters and this one is HUGE!!!

Get your mind out of the gutters but don’t be fooled … SIZE MATTERS and in a variety of things!

On a personal note, for all my friends up in Wytheville, Va (especially the President of the Firefighter’s Auxiliary who has sent me several personal Face Book messages referencing my “size”) YES …… I HAVE A BIG ONE …. actually, it’s HUGE! 

It’s long, full and thick ! It’s not very pretty but it’s MINE!  It’s been seen by THOUSANDS, is fairly well known yet it’s not the biggest in the fire service ….

Chief Billy Goldfeder, without a doubt; has me beat in the mustache category (and many others) ! There’s nobody I’d rather play 2nd fiddle to other than Chief Billy. For all you folks out there searching for someone to look up to … to emulate … THIS IS THE GUY! Check out THIS LINK … click HERE.

And since I mentioned Wytheville, I may as well let ol “Jacob” in on a little secret.

Size also matters when selecting the diameter of your hose line.

Here’s an excerpt from a comment he made on my Face Book Fan page  … “Chief King was smart not to send them inside with hoses and yes you are correct about ONE thing. they used small diameter hoses….. DUH did you really think they were going to drag the 5″ out and carry it into the house.”  He wants to send me some rope and a vibrator for Christmas! (size matters there too Jacob… be gentle).

Read the entire comment in a previous post found HERE . Yes Jacob … those guys are using 5″ hose (in this case, for defensive operations) but what I was referring to in Wytheville was maybe pulling a 2 1/2″ line … just saying.

Anyway, I’m not talking about mustaches, Wytheville or hose diameter here … I’m talking about Give-A-Ways … you know … FREE STUFFSWAG ! 

Dave Statter, he has a good one.

Dave is giving away 5 individual “Bricks” from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s “Walk of Honor” !

It’s EASY and FREE to enter.

You can do so via his Face Book Page or by sending him an e-mail …

Get all the DETAILS by visiting THIS LINK .

This is a GREAT gift idea and an AWESOME give-a-way! It’s big…. REAL BIG ….. but not quite HUGE.  If ya want HUGE ….. I’ll give ya HUGE….

How about the Fire Critic / Ironfiremen 12 Days of Christmas!

THOUSANDS of dollars worth of FREE SWAG!  Starting today ( 12-13-2012) through Christmas, The Fire Critic and will be giving away free products from companies such as Crosstitched, Box Alarm Leather, FD Cam, and more ….


It’s not too late to enter (you can actually enter right up until the final drawing). It’s EASY and FREE!

Sign up for the Fire Critic / Iron Firemen 12 Days of Christmas Give-A-Way HERE !

Don’t forget to check back on Thursday to see who our first winners will be. There will be 3 GREAT prizes to kick off the Give-A-Way ….

  • CentreLearn–  1 year unlimited subscription for one person to CentreLearn’s library of online continuing education courses. They have more than 200 hours of CE in for paramedics, EMTs, and Firefighters.
  • ESS Eye Protection – ESS Eyepro kit including  eye protection sunglasses, hat, shirt, huggie, and stickers
  • CommandSim’s Sims U Share– Windows or MAC. Training technology aimed to help instructors rapidly create realistic, localized experiences they can use to train on and discuss.

THANKS for the SUPPORT ! Stay SAFE and in House ….

Captain Wines