Day 2 … Santa's Sexy Helpers and The Fire Critic / IronFiremen 12 Days of Christmas Give-A-Way Winners!

Are you excited yet?? It’s just 11 days until Christmas and the 2nd day of the Fire Critic / IronFiremen 12 Days of Christmas Give-A-Way ! 

We’re giving away $$ THOUSANDS $$ of dollars worth of FREE SWAG from now until Christmas day (44 prizes in all!)! If you haven’t registered yet …. YOU SHOULD.  It’s not too late and it’s FREE and EASY .

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Congratulations to our “Day 1” Winners, Tim O’Connor, Rachel Deel and Doug Baker !

Here are the Winners and prizes for Day 2 ……

Prize #4 – Crosstitched  – Crosstitched t-shirt, hat, and stickers.

Winner: Dan Miller



Prize #5 – ESS Eye Protection – ESS Eyepro kit including  eye protection sunglasses, hat, shirt, huggie, and stickers

Winner: Peter Grocholski

Prize #6 – CommandSim’s Sims U Share –
 Windows or MAC. Training technology aimed to help instructors rapidly create realistic, localized experiences they can use to train on and discuss.

Winner: Eric Klein

Congratulations to today’s Winners !

Remember, it’s not too late for you to SIGN UP to win !


View the complete schedule of Prizes HERE

Details and listing of contributing companies are HERE 

Today is also the 2nd day of the 2012’s Santa’s Sexy Helpers! Every day until Christmas, We’ll post a new picture of a Sexy Helper in hopes of keeping your spirits high.

In true fashion, the pictures will get better and better as we close in on Christmas (in my opinion anyway). On Christmas Day, I bet ol Santa will be surprised to see what we leave under the tree ….. keep checking back daily so you can see as well. H

So here’s Day #2 of the 2012 Santa’s Sexy Helpers …. ENJOY

Ho Ho Ho !   Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines