Santa's Sexy Helpers and more FREE STUFF!

It’s day #5 of the 2012 Fire Critic / IronFiremen 12 Days of Christmas Give-A-Way!

Rhett and I have joined with some GREAT companies to provide our readers with a shot at 44 AWESOME Prizes …. $$thousands$$ of dollars worth of FREE SWAG!

Signing up is FREE and EASY. It’s NOT TOO LATE. You can still register to WIN by using the link below ….

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This may very well be the largest Give-A-Way by Fire Service Bloggers EVER! What else would you expect from The Fire Critic and It’s HOW WE ROLL …..LOL!

In case you missed em, here are our 12 winners to date …Tim O’Connor, Rachel Deel, Doug Baker, Dan Miller, Peter Grocholski, Eric Klein, Ben Coffman, Jennifer Bolick, Miles Silk Jr, Cliff Phillips, Matt Johnson and David Walls.

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Here are today’s winners ……

Prize #13 – Commercial Solutions

 True North Gear bail out kit complete with hip pouch, 50 ft of FR Rope and F4 descender


Winner: Will Sergent




Prize #14 – ESS Eye Protection

ESS Eyepro kit including  eye protection sunglasses, hat, shirt, huggie, and stickers.

Winner: Nick Butta

Prize #15 – NM Coin

Fire Critic / IronFiremen Challenge Coin and patch.

Winner: Eric Ciecko

Prize #16 – CommandSim’s Sims U Share

Windows or MAC. Training technology aimed to help instructors rapidly create realistic, localized experiences they can use to train on and discuss.

Winner: Colt Eberling


It’s also Day #5 of the 2012 Santa’s Sexy Helper installment! With ONLY 8 Days until Christmas, I’m sure ol Santa has his hands full. Of course if these gals were actually his helpers, I’d have to worry about what his hands were full of …LOL.

Every day until Christmas, we’ll bring ya another Sexy Helper. Maybe if for only a second, they will distract you from all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and put a smile on your face … or at least a grin!

They’re getting better every day and I can’t wait to see what Santa will find under the tree on the 25th. You guys might outta keep checking back and find out as well …. enjoy Day #5….

Stay SAFE and in House … I’ll check back later!

Captain Wines