A little "old school" Captain Wines catching up…

I hope everyone enjoyed their St Patrick’s Day weekend … I know I did.

Our Parade was held on Saturday but I was working. I had pulled my tour on Friday and then covered for Rhett until about 1pm on Saturday. I think he had some kind of dance class or something.

Time lapse video and more on Roanoke’s St Paddy’s Day Parade. Click HERE

It looks like I missed a good parade but I did make it downtown to raise a pint or two later that evening. I had a BLAST.

Most every bar / pub was full of Brother and Sister Firefighters. Salem, Roanoke County, Botetourt, Bedford and more …. the Valley’s Fire Service was represented well. I seen some really cool shirts and even a few kilts. I had some GREAT conversations and was able to see some  Brothers I hadn’t in some time. It felt good to be “out” again.

A Brother from a nearby Department took the opportunity to ask for some of my thoughts concerning RIT / RIC (Rapid Intervention Teams / Crews). Apparently, this Brothers Department is putting together their first RIT “bag” and developing SOP’s / SOG’s concerning the formation and activation of RIC.

The hot topic quickly became how a RIC should be equipped…. what tools they should carry. More specifically, he wanted to know should the RIC  have a charged hose line? My reply … NO.

There is a Department very close to me who’s SOP’s say that RIC must have a charged line but I disagree with that philosophy.

I reminded this Brother that the “R” in RIC stands for “Rapid”. Advancing a charged line will only slow the crew down.

An additional line(s) should be put into place in an effort to protect the downed firefighter(s) and the RIC but not by the RIC themselves. In addition, if there’s active fire; containment / extinguishment efforts should continue until all downed members are removed from the structure.

I explained that the tools etc they choose to carry should be dictated by the construction and type of structure involved in the fire (as well as by the number and skill level of members assigned to RIC). Yea … “skill level”. I don’t want a bunch of “yard breathers” or screw ups assigned as RIC. Think about it…. if you “go down”, who would you want coming to get you?

Anyway, it was a good conversation and I told him I’d put it out here to hopefully generate some additional comments. Leave us your thoughts / comments …. what tools do your RIC carry? Do they take a charged line?

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Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, I received an AWESOME gift all the way from Ontario.

My good friend and Brother Mitchell Brown sent me this beer Stein!

Mitchell wrote me a little while back to ask if I drank beer …. LMAO ….yea! Next thing I know, I get a box in the mail.

You may know Mitchell or have seen some of his work on Face Book from over at “Smoke is Showing … Fire Ground Photography”. You can more of his photos on his web site by CLICKING HERE .

I also recently received the two framed pictures shown with the stein. Another good friend, Brother and GREAT photographer, Nate Camfiord sent them to me. Nate actually took the photo of me and Rhett (left) while Baron Mosley took the shot of me and Hunter of TEAM HUNTER. THANKS for thinking of me Brothers and for the AWESOME gifts!

I’ve actually been trying to get out of the house more and more each day.

A few weeks back, Rhett made the trek over the mountain and we paid a visit to my local VFD … Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Station #4

Firefighter (and Brother) Joe Francisco (2nd from right) has invited me out to the station on several occasions. For one reason or another, I haven’t been able to make it. I’m glad we made / took the time.

What a GREAT crew! These Brothers and Sisters meet at least once a week for some type of training and to eat together. Yea …. they cook and eat together on their training / duty night. BEAUTIFUL!

THANKS for the invite, the station tour and the Brotherhood shared that night. Thanks also for your dedication and service …. keep up the good work!

Speaking of Rhett, my little buddy / sidekick has apparently “caught feelings”. There’s actually a lot of that going around these days.

It seems as if a lone firefighter has messed up a “good thing” here in The Noke.

For some time now, Golds Gym has allowed our Firefighters to workout and use their facilities free of charge…. an AWESOME gesture that many of our members took full advantage of.

Indications are that a single member went overboard and abused Gold’s generosity. Rumor has it that this member was bringing multiple family members (or non-firefighter friends etc) to the gym under the free access. This lone member cost several others and Rhett is pissed!

“I only hope that I don’t find out who messed it up for us until after I cool off. Whoever it was just cost me about $400 a year. Not only that, but they gave me and my department a black mark.”

Read his entire post on the incident by clicking HERE.

For those of you who don’t know, Rhett has been on a strenuous workout and diet program for some time now. He’s bulking up for some kind of bikini contest or something that he entered with his wife (some details are in his post linked above).

It makes no sense to me. If I were him, instead of prancing around up on the stage in a speedo, flexing my muscles, I’d want to be out in the audience watching my wife.

I’d be sitting there with a beer when Becky comes out telling everyone “that’s my wife” and how I had to watch her try on 50 bikinis before she picked that one! LMAO

I also don’t understand all the fuss about Golds Gym. We have weights in the stations. Why can’t he just do like I do?

A few weeks on my routine and he could have a body like mine… yea … he could look this good too!  LMAO

All kidding aside, Rhett has shown a level of focus, dedication and discipline that we all should have. He has not faltered or strayed (not even a single beer!).

His members were bragging to me just last Saturday how despite not eating with his members (being “in the kitchen”) due to his diet, he still cooks and runs the kitchen for them. He just has to prepare two meals vs one…. twice the work. That Brothers and Sisters is a good Officer (taking care of his members despite his needs / desires) … it’s Brotherhood and his members recognize and appreciate it.

He knows I’m just busting his balls a little with the jokes. I hope he knows how proud I am of his accomplishments and the example he’s setting for the rest of us (no matter the outcome of his bikini contest..LOL) … keep up the STRONG WORK Brother!

So there’s an attempt at an “old school” type of Ironfiremen.com post. Many of you have been missing and looking for em. Hope you enjoyed it … I’ll give ya more soon.

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines