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Once again I have a lot of catching up to do but this time, it’s not entirely my fault. The server for our network has been up and down over the past several days so we haven’t been able to get a post up. Hopefully, the situation is corrected now and we can get back to business as normal.

So, to catch ya up … it’s been a long week.

We worked the Thursday, Saturday, Monday cycle this week (24hr tours).

Goerge (my Lt) is off on vacation and Boots is still out on sick leave (he’s recovering well). That left just me and our newest member, Jerry Thompson at the station. Instead of calling in OT for the entire shift, the Company was placed out of service and Jerry and I detailed out to fill other vacancies for the day.

Jerry went to “The Green House” … aka Station #3 and I went down to Station #5 and rode the Ladder.

Yea… an Engine Captain on a Ladder. Well, around here; you never know what you may end up doing. I’ve explained it a few times here on the site that due to our staffing etc. an Engine Company can easily be assigned “Truck work” and vice versa.

I’ve also talked about having been assigned to a Ladder a couple times during my career. The truth of the matter is … I LOVE truck work! Especially now that 2 of our Trucks have the added responsibility of performing vehicle extrication for the City (Ladder 5 being one of them).

It was a good day with the Brothers and Sisters at Station #5. That evening, I got an over time man and put Lucky #13 back into service.

Turned out our OT man was none other than Captain Chris Trussler from down at “The Deuce” on B-shift.

Captain Trussler and I go way back….way … way … WAY back actually.

I call him “Lucky”. 1.) Because he’s got a little leprechaun in him and 2.) Because he’s so damn “lucky”.

We were both assigned to Ladder #2 as Privates back in the day (on different shifts). Like many Crusty Old Jakes, there are hundreds of stories involving / surrounding Captain Trussler. I was even involved in a few of em.

I always remember the one about a working fire in the projects near the station. There were reports of people trapped on the second floor and “Lucky” was assigned the search. The Brothers are going to work and here comes Trussler falling /rolling down the interior steps and out the front door. He had a victim. A 350 pound lady wearing her nightgown and a pair of gorilla slippers. They end up in the front yard with the lady on top of him. So a couple of the boys run over to make sure he’s still alive and he tells them … “I got the little one, her sister is still up there!” … LMAO!

Lucky’s a “Good Jake” and we had a BLAST reminiscing over old stories. He’ll be testing for Battalion Chief in the next few weeks and I hope he does well …. I’ll work for him ANY day.

Our middle day turned out MUCH busier. Instead of overtime, they transferred a man from the South Side. Keith Snead from Station #1-A was trading time with a C-shift Brother and drew the short straw. He hadn’t been here 10 minutes before we caught a working fire. Nothing says thanks for working on a beautiful Saturday morning like catching work at 07:30am. Unfortunately, the runs kept coming all day long. The saddest incident we ran was a vehicle fire. Nothing breaks your heart like rolling in on a 1967 Camaro that’s on fire. Here’s some video ….

The car was obviously custom. A good training point from this video … something to keep in your mind is just how custom it was. Even the engine was customized…. so much so that it  had Nitrous aka Nitrous Oxide system. Yea …NOS… a 20lb bottle mounted beside the driver’s seat! Good thing Snead got a good knock on the fire.

I’ll let ya know how our Monday tour goes a little later but until then, I have plenty more to share.

To begin with … set your clocks, DVRs, VCR’s and whatever else you have. The Fire Critic, Rhett Fleitz; and I will be on Prime Time TV Sunday night at 7pm (April 28th)! That’s right … Rhett and I will appear on MSNBC’s 100th Episode of “Extreme Caught on Camera”. Check your local listings and be sure to check us out! Here’s the trailer …..

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If you can’t wait until Sunday night to see us, all you have to do is show up at FDIC. Rhett and I will be heading up on Wednesday and staying until Sunday.

Most of my time will be spent on the exhibit floor with Zach Green and our MN8 Fox Fire family.

This year, our booth will be our biggest yet. So big in fact, that we even invited some friends. Joining us for FDIC 2013 will be Statter911, Box Alarm Leather and Fat Ivan.

Be sure to drop by Booth 5571 to say hello!

You will also be able to find us in the Black Diamond Boot Booth! You may remember that won the “2011 Black Diamond Boot Fire Blog of the Year” contest.

That was a HUGE honor for me regardless of the contest, I’m a fan of Black Diamond Boots. I wear them EVERY DAY on the job. Actually, Rhett and I both wear the X2 Boot in our gear and we LOVE them!

Be sure to stop by Booth 2401 to say hello and try on a pair of X2’s


Visit the Black Diamond Web Site HERE

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Find “Product Reviews” of the X2 Boot HERE

The exhibit floor is always exciting but also very busy for Rhett and I.

If you’re looking for a really good time and little more “face time” with either of us, be sure to attend our “Meet Up”.

That’s Right … Rhett and I, with support from Shane Parkins of NFE and others; are hosting our own Meet-Up this year!

Join us on Friday evening, 08:30pm at the Hard Rock Cafe. We’ve created an “Event Page” on Face Book HERE … be sure to stop by!


Find the Ironfiremen / Fire Critic complete Itinerary for FDIC 2013 HERE

We shouldn’t be hard to find. Fools Bash, Exhibit floor, Stop Drop and Rock and Roll, our Meet-Up and the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.

Unfortunately, I will not be climbing this year but Rhett will.

I will however continue to support the Climb and the NFFF by registering for the event. I will also be wearing my memory badges while all the other Brothers and Sisters are making their climb.

This year, I will be wearing an additional badge. One of a member who was not murdered on September 11, 2001 but died of suicide on September 5, 2012.

W.D. Patterson was a good friend of mine and a huge supporter of the 9/11 Stair Climbs and the NFFF.

More about W.D’s passing HERE and HERE

Read a Tribute to W.D by Brother Brian Edwards HERE

Register to CLIMB at FDIC by clicking HERE

 Rhett and I will be updating you and sharing our FDIC experience throughout the week. Be sure to keep checking back here or on our Face Book pages.

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I’ll try to get back to ya Monday night with an update and again on Tuesday before we head out Wednesday morning. As always, thanks for the continued support.

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines