New York, fatal crash / fire and Officer development


I’m in upper New York State …. Verona actually.

I’m here with Zach Green and my MN8 Fox Fire family to attend  Fire 2013 .

The event (expo) is put on by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs and is being held at Turning Stone Resort and Casino .

It’s a VERY fancy place and sure to be a great show! You should have seen the look on their faces when I walked into the hotel with my cowboy hat and boots last night. When I asked “How yall doin” you could have heard a pin drop ….. LMAO (they’re gonna LOVE me here!).

We will be set up in booth #2125 so if you’re at the show, be sure to stop by for a personal demo of the MN8 FoxFire product line.

If you’re already using FoxFire, stop by anyway to tell us how it’s working for ya or just to say hello.

I’m not sure of our full schedule yet but I do know that tonight, I will be at the Capitol Region F.O.O.L.S meet-up. If you want to attend, you can find more details HERE . These are a GREAT bunch of Brothers and Sisters and actually, Rhett and I will be back up here in September to speak at one of their events …. I can’t wait!

And hey … if you’re here; don’t forget to visit our friends Clayton Murphy of CROSSTITCHED and Paul Hasenmeier of First Due Tackle as well !

Clayton is set up with the exhibits and will even be giving away a Fire Cam while here! Paul is teaching an extrication “hot” class. Be sure to look em up.

Crosstitched on Face Book Here

First Due Tackle on Face Book HERE

While I’m up here “living large”, the Brothers and Sisters of B-shift are back home “doing it”!

Looks like they had their hands full yesterday.

As far as I can tell, there were 2 fatalities, two transported and several others injured. The incident shut down both lanes (directions of travel) of a major highway through the city.

More photos and details in the links below ….

click  HERE,  HERE and HERE

I’m not sure who all was on duty yesterday or who was first in but I do know that the Officers and members of B-shift are all “dialed in” and good at what we do. Most likely, it would have been Engine #2 (Captain Trussler), Engine #3 (Captain Kesterson) or Engine #13 (Captain Dillon) first in. Either way, it looks like the boys did a great job of handling the incident. STRONG WORK Brothers….. STRONG WORK.

So, It’s time for me to iron my Bunker Kilt and get ready for today’s events. Rhett stayed behind this trip as he’s at the Virginia Fire Officer’s Academy in Richmond ( “getting his learn on” …LOL). He says it’s a GREAT class and that he’s taking a lot away from it. I can’t wait til he gets a post up about it over on FireCritic…. be sure to keep an eye out for it.

So there ya have it. Short and sweet for now. I’ll try to get ya more tonight … depending on how late those F.O.O.L.S keep me out.

Until I get back … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines