The chance of an "EFFING" lifetime!


from Episode 1 of HosedActually, we’re looking at a couple opportunities here.

First, the plans are in the making to produce a movie about the fictitious “Effingwoods  Fire & Rescue Department”.

Do you guys remember  the web based video series, “Hosed” brought to us Juston McKinney back in February 2011?

Well, not only is Juston a VERY funny guy, the series was a HUGE hit as well. It left many of us wanting more and I’m one of them! If the plan works out, we’re gonna get just that but this time in the form of a full length comedy feature!

The story line is of an underachieving volunteer firefighter, Smitty (played by Gary Valentine aka “cousin Danny” on TV’s King of Queens) who missed his shot at becoming a 4th generation Boston Firefighter. He ends up a volunteer at Effingwood FD (New Hampshire) and is trying to move the Department toward a “paid per call” system thus earning the respect of his father by becoming “paid”. See the video series in the links below ….

Hosed Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4

show us your stacheThe second opportunity is a chance to BE IN THE MOVIE and I may have a pretty decent shot.

Juston has assembled a great team to get the movie plans off the ground and running but they have a ways to go and will need our help.

They’ve started several promotional projects and one of them was all about “the stache”!

How can you have a movie about firefighters without a great mustache?

All you have to do is share a picture of your favorite firefighter mustache on their Face Book page and that stache could end up on the big screen. Of course you could also just go to their page and like MY picture .

Captain Wines and the Fire Critic with a fanI think I send em about 10 pictures a day so just pick your favorite and hit “like”…..LOL.

I’m kidding…. not about liking mine, but about sending in 10 a day…LOL.

Seriously, there are a TON of GREAT LOOKING firefighter mustaches out there so take the time to visit (and “like/follow”) their Face Book page and send them your picture.

 “HOSED the Movie” on Face Book click HERE

They actually need a little more than a starring mustache to get started…. they also need a little cash. $200,000 to be exact and they’re depending on us (the Fire Service) to help them out.

Effingwoods Fire & RescueThey’ve created a “Kick Starter” campaign and want you to JOIN Effingwoods Fire & Rescue!

They have donation “tiers” set up where you can get all kinds of cool Effingwoods Swag!

You can donate as little as $1.

A $10 donation  will list you as a supporter on their web site’s wall of fame as well as allow you to receive up to date e-mails, videos and behind the scene photos from the time of your donation right through the premiere.

The “perks” increase with your donation. You can find all the details in the link to “join” below ….

Click HERE to JOIN Effingwood Fire & Rescue!

Find “@Hosed the Movie” on Twitter HERE

There are only 43 days left for them to meet their goal … let’s see if we can’t pull together and help em out! Be sure to watch the 4 video episodes I linked to earlier in the post … you’ll laugh your tail off.

See ya on the big screen but until I do ….

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines