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Jason Greer

For the 2nd time today, CONGRATULATIONS are in order.

Most of ya know that I was entered in a mustache contest for Hosed The Movie.

The contest ended up being a two stache race between myself and one of Lancaster Pa’s Bravest, Lt Jason Greer of Engine Company #3-A.

We thought the voting ended last night and I congratulated Jason in a post this morning “An Effing Good Time” (link)

Neither of us knew, but the voting continued through 8pm tonight (EST). Well, just like last night, Jason came out on top.

There were 40 staches entered and EVERY one of them were effing awesome!

The event / contest gave some great exposure to the pre-production efforts of the movie. In about 48hrs, it generated a little over 1,000 new “likes” for their Face Book page. The bad news is that it only generated 11 new contributors to their “Kick Starter” campaign.

That was the whole purpose of the contest. To draw attention to and donations for the pre-production of the movie. Jason won a role in the movie as an extra but if they don’t hit their goal of $200,000 there may not even be a movie.

You can donate as little as $1. If everyone who voted in the contest gave just that, Hosed would be that much closer to their goal and Jason that much closer to the big screen. Take the time and do it now …. if they don’t make their goal, it wont cost you a dime. If they do, then you donated to a worthy cause … the movie is sure to be effing hilarious!

Hosed on Face Book

Hosed Web Site

Donate to Hosed The Movie via Kick Starter 

Best staches in the fire service Well, it apparent that I can’t win a mustache contest.

Hell, I lost this one twice in as many days ….LOL

Back in August, while at Firehouse Expo; I lost another.

Well, that one really doesn’t count because I’ve always considered my stache to be behind those of Chief Billy Goldfeder and Chris Naum.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us and it was taken just this year at Expo.

I guess now I’m gonna have to re-think that one as well. Since Jason “hosed” me in the latest mustache contest, he must be number 3 in this ranking?

Well, since it seems as though I can’t win a mustache contest, I’ll have to find something I am good at …. reminds me of a scene (and quote) from a favorite movie of mine (and Captain Chris Trussler…aka “Lucky”).

“I know … let’s have a spelling contest” (from Tombstone) … LMAO.

Of course if you’ve followed me and my site for any time at all, you know that I can’t spell either! LOL

Oh well, CONGRATULATIONS again to Lt Jason Greer for having the best “EFFINGSTACHE”!

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines