Fire, Fun, the Atomic bomb and so much MORE!!!!


I’ve had a good week. A lot better then the past few.

In a recent post, I wrote about having a huge set back in my recovery / coping efforts with stress, depression and PTSD. Rhett and I have a friend who decided to tell us he was about to hang himself. In the end, we made sure he got to the people he needed to… to the people who could help him. Understandably, it was a very difficult experience for me and all of us involved.

It was actually more than “difficult” and it took me back to day #1 of my recovery. Because of my dreams (nightmares), returning to work has always been a huge decision / obstacle for me. After starting  treatment, the dreams somewhat subsided and it became easier for me. I was just getting to the point of settling  back in to the job before this set back.

Read “I thought it was supposed to get easier” (link)

Well, like I said; the past few weeks have had me back to square one and been difficult to cope with at home and on the job. This past cycle however has put me back on the path I need to be on.

Fire Department night trainingWe’ve had the right amount and “kind” of work. We’ve been busy but not TOO busy and the calls haven’t been (too) traumatic. Monday night, we had “night training” and I have to admit that it was refreshing.

Despite having a “fill-in” (which has been the normal for the past couple weeks), we’ve put in some solid work and it feels good.

Our training  was comprised of “night training”, “vehicle fires”, “extrication”, and “foam”.

It was a good scenario and we owe a ton of thanks to our training division’s, Captain Tim Cady and Lt Rob Reid for putting it together.

Starting at 6pm made for a long night but it was worth it. Thankfully, we had a quiet night afterwards and were allowed to get some rest.

I needed it because Rhett picked me up at shift break to head to Nashville, Tn. I was tired but also very much excited …. we were heading out to attend the CMA’s !

The purpose of us goingis  to cover / promote some very special (important) events, programs and companies for the Fire Service.

935119_10151752837417849_1232653154_nKidde (link), is the worlds largest manufacturer of Fire Safety Products. Their goal is to provide solutions that protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards. Kidde provides smoke alarmscarbon monoxide alarmsfire extinguishers and many other fire safety products.

On Wednesday, before the CMA’s; they will unveil their “Be a Safety Hero” program with the assistance of Country Music talents Craig Morgan, and Kix Brooks. Click HERE for more info (link) .

Chief Ron Siarnicki of the NFFF will also be on hand to speak about and share  the Foundation’s Alarm pledge program – step #5 to “Be a Safety Hero.”

The pledge asks families to commit to being fire safe, which in turn helps firefighters who would enter burning homes to rescue trapped residents.

2012-05-21-GoodMorningAmerica_2012We (Rhett and I) are invited to these events as well as a special luncheon hosted by Kix Brooks, Pre-show parties, Dinner, the CMA’s and a VIP after party. We will have complete and full coverage for you  on our web sites, Face Book Pages, Twitter accounts and any other Social Media outlet that you receive our posts / updates!

The main event, the CMA’s; will be aired LIVE on ABC Wednesday night at 8pm.

Luke Bryan is going to play live on the morning news show “Good Morning America” and we have front row seats!

I will try to provide you with live streaming of the show tonight but, just in case; keep the TV tuned to ABC for everything happening here in Nashville today / tonight.

OK, so on our way down here; we made a couple of stops.

Oak RidgeThe first was at the Oak RidgeFire Department (link)  in Tennessee!

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T.J. Giles invited us to stop in for lunch and a tour. These Brothers obviously “get it” and IT WAS AN AWESOME STOP!


Their city is known as the “Atomic City” because it’s where the Atomic bomb was constructed. We learned a ton of history about the Department / City and got to hear some pretty cool stories.

Their Chief, Darryl Kerley; treated us (and several of their members) to lunch.

We were able to spend an hour or so with these Brothers before having to get back on the road and again,  had some great conversations as well as the opportunity to discuss the video they recently produced about the importance of Fire Safety and Exit Drills In The Home (EDITH). I’ll share it again below….take the time to watch it …. it’s a GREAT story.

Mt Juliet crewOur second stop was in Mt Juliet, Tn. We had met up with Rhett’s parents (who live in the area) and his dad wanted to show us their newest Department.

When I say newest “department”, I mean just  that .. their “NEWEST DEPARTMENT”. The Department (not just the station) was only a month old.

These Brothers have a lot going for them and they seem to be on the path to success.

The members will tell you point blank that one of the main reasons for that is their Chief, Erron Kinney.

Again we found a pretty cool “back story” because Chief Kinney is (among other things), a former NFL football player for the Titans.

Just like with Oak Ridge, we had a GREAT visit!

So after that, we got to spend a little time with Rhett’s folks before heading in to the hotel. I got to hear some good stories and even seen some childhood photos that you wouldn’t believe.

I will do my best to keep ya updated throughout the day and night on Wednesday as we have a very full and exciting schedule. I will at least try to throw some pics etc up on Face Book.

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I will also try to provide live streaming of the CMA’s here on Ironfiremen so be sure to check back in for updates …. you never know who we will be with or what we’ll end up doing.

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines