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The Fire Critic (Rhett Fleitz) and I have always been huge supporters of the Sons Of the Flag. If you don’t know who they are yet … YOU SHOULD!

“Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research. We bring together passionate community leaders, pioneering physicians, experienced military service members, dedicated first responders and purposeful civilians to complete our mission.”

Lead by Brothers such as Ryan Parrott, John Walters III, Zane Krempin, Nathan Pilcher (and MANY more) Sons Of The Flag is THE resource for burn survivors! Learn MORE from their web site in the link below ….

Sons Of The Flag web site

Sons Of The Flag on Face Book

Captain Wines and Rob WiedmannRhett and I have seen, FIRST HAND; what this organization is capable of and the amazing work they do.

We first meet them after learning of their support for FDNY Rescue 2 Firefighter Rob Wiedmann.

You may remember that Rob was severely burned (2nd and 3rd degree burns over 54% of his body) back on December 19, 2011  while battling a fire in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY.

The fire, and Rob’s escape; was captured on video. His story has been AMAZING and the Sons Of The Flag have been by his side from early on. I just got to spend a little time with Rob last week while in Long Island and can tell you …. he’s looking and doing GREAT!

VIDEO of that fire and Rob’s escape HERE

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Like all non-profits, the Sons Of The Flag depend on our support to help them meet their goals and mission. Again I’ll say that with an organization like this, giving support is a “no brainer”. What’s more is that with their new “Fight Burns Campaign” they have made it even easier to contribute.

Fight Burns LogYou now have the chance to join their “Task Force” on different “levels” (Red, White and Blue teams). More on the Fight Burns Campaign in the link below ….

They also hold fund raising events all across the Country. They actually have one coming up at the end of the month right here in Virginia!

On March 29, 2014 there will be a “Sporting Clay Shoot” at the Oceana Naval Base Trap and Skeet Range (link) in Virginia Beach! For complete details, you’ll need to contact Greg Turnell @ 202-409-6159.

You never know who may show up at these events and I can guarantee it’s going to be a “BLAST” …. lots of “blasts” actually … shotgun blasts …. LMAO.

JOIN the “Fight Burns Campaign” HERE

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines