Off duty firefighter makes a grab at burning car crash!

screen shot from WDBJ 7

screen shot from WDBJ 7

Roanoke Firefighter Alex McKinney says he’s no hero …. I disagree. Alex and his fiance were traveling from Roanoke to Lynchburg to do some shopping when they noticed an overturned vehicle in the ditch of the opposite lanes.

From WDBJ 7

From WDBJ 7

Alex turned around and went to check for victims / injuries as his fiance dialed 911.

Inside the vehicle, Firefighter McKinney found a male patient with one foot tangled in the dash and the other pinned under the door. The other thing he found let him know that he didn’t have much time to act. Smoke was coming from under the dash and the car was on fire.

Less than a minute after removing the victim, the car became heavily involved in fire and was soon fully involved. Without a doubt, Firefighter McKinney’s actions along that roadside saved a life! WELL DONE BROTHER!

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** UPDATED 3/27/2014: Watch the video below from the on scene fiance of the Firefighter (Alex McKinney) who pulled a person from burning wreckage just in time.

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