Into The Smoke


Last week, Rhett (The Fire Critic) and I got to meet part of the crew from Into The Smoke. They stopped by to tell us about their plans for an even bigger and better Season 2 for their web based series that show cases what American Firefighters do and face on a daily basis.

Captain Wines and the Fire Critic filming Into The Smoke promoSeason 1 was a HUGE success so as you can imagine, Rhett and I were excited to hear about the upcoming season.

These guys do a great job of capturing what we do. Somehow, they manage to get their cameras in the right place at the right time. They have also done a good job at getting them into the places cameras usually aren’t found.

Since they were in town and Rhett and I are supporters, we decided to film a little promo.

Dave Hernandez told us about their needs for Season 2. Apparently, they damaged quite a bit of equipment in the filming of Season 1. They also plan to purchase some newer, more advanced equipment to make season #2 even better! They decided to launch a Kick Starter Campaign to help raise the needed funds. We talk about it in the video below ….

Donate to the Into The Smoke Kick Starter HERE

UntitledMaybe you’re one of the few who missed one of the Season 1 episodes? Well, don’t worry …. I’ll give ya those links too. Notice the television quality of these videos. The end result is a profession product …. more than your typical fire ground footage.

There were multiple episodes shot between Bladensburg, Maryland and Christiana,Delaware. You can watch those episodes in the links below ….

Into The Smoke “Christiana”

Into The Smoke “Bladensburg”

Into The Smoke Web Site HERE

Into The Smoke on Face Book HERE

To end Season 1, the crew filmed Firefighter Kevin O’Tool and Lt. Eathan Sorrell talking about the night they became trapped in a house fire. It’s a long video (just over an hour) but also one every firefighter should see.

“Kevin O’Toole and Ethan Sorrell were trapped in a house fire on February 24th, 2012 in Prince Georges County Maryland. They were both riding Truck Company 9 of the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department responding to a reported house fire in the first due response area of a closed firehouse. After making entry, conditions rapidly deteriorated causing Kevin and Ethan to be trapped and severely injured.

This is their story of survival.” on Face Book HERE

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines