Duck Dynasty, The Fire Critic and!?

Easton CorbinYesterday’s post generated some discussion, several comments, messages, e-mails etc.

The post (found HERE) was about a recent comment that referenced me (and The Fire Critic) as “self promoters”.

I think the comment was suggesting that being a “self promoter” was something bad.

Well, like I said in the post; The Fire Critic and I are indeed self promoters. We do so for all the right reasons and in a manner that allows us to promote so much more (ie: The Fire Service, Brotherhood etc). I also think the author of the post may be confusing self promotion with PRIDE.

willie wines jrAnyway, in several of the comments that followed, terms like “famous” and “celebrities” were used to describe me and Rhett (The fire Critic).

I’m not sure how accurate those descriptions are yet it’s still very humbling and we understand where it comes from.

You (our readers / followers) see us everywhere! I always say “you never know where you’ll see us next” and that statement couldn’t be more accurate.

Again, we understand this. Not everyone (especially firefighters) has the opportunities to meet the people and travel to the events / places we do. We are VERY fortunate and thankful. on FaceBook HERE

1441452_10151772901812849_1788637322_nThe honest answer is that we’ve worked hard to put ourselves into these positions. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, most of it is by design.

I’ll also mention the word “PRIDE” again. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished and how we’re able to promote the Fire Service and our Brotherhood!

So you see us in all these places. Promoting products, providing Key Note speeches or teaching classes. You’ll find us in “this” video or “that” magazine. We are always taking pictures with our fans / followers and we’re all over the internet.

It’s easy to see where someone could think that we have “the BIG HEAD syndrome”.

I don’t think we do. I also think that anyone who has met and spoken with us would tell you the same thing. We remain humble and thankful.

We’re Firefighters! We are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and uncles. We’re no different from any of you. We’re also  APPROACHABLE. How many times can you read an article / post and then turn around and call or directly message the Author? Our contact information is posted on our sites / pages. We enjoy and encourage interaction and contact from our readers.

Learn MORE about the Fire Critic HERE

Ironfiremen Fire Critic Duck DynastySo, we don’t consider ourselves “famous” or to be “celebrities”. However, those comments / suggestions did get me thinking about it and I realized that we do have a lot in common with some pretty well known Celebrities…. the crew of Duck Dynasty!

Think about it for a minute ….. we have a LOT in common with these guys. Rhett (The Fire Critic) recently compared Firefighters to the cast of Deadliest Catch and made a pretty good case. Read that post in the link below ….

The Most Dangerous Jobs in the World?…Deadliest Catch VS. Firefighters

facial hair 2Seriously … think about it.

What is the first thing that stands out in you mind when someone mentions Duck Dynasty?

Their beards…. facial hair!

I HAVE THAT!!!  OK…OK….maybe I don’t have one of those majestic beards like Phil, Uncle Si, Willie or Jase Robertson  sport BUT, I do have a pretty awesome mustache! We’re working on Rhett’s….LOL

Head wearHow about head wear?

The guys from Duck Dynasty are always seen wearing a bandanna,  beanie or baseball cap … right?

How often do you see me or Rhett without our Phenix TL2 Leather helmets (link) or some type of hat on?

Starting to see the connection here? Maybe we just all have ugly foreheads ….LOL. Seriously though .. I’ve got more.

kilts vs HawaiianSince we’re talking about appearance here, let’s talk KILTS. Rhett and I always take a little grief and several comments about wearing kilts everywhere.

There’s Willie Robertson wearing a kilt! Ok… it’s not a kilt, it’s a Hawaiian “sarong” but the look is similar….. except for that funny little hat he’s wearing. We need to get them boys into a Phenix Leather …LOL.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I’m just talking about appearance here … any of this could just be coincidence.

bobble head vs puppetDuck Dynasty is so much more than appearance.

They’re BILLIONAIRES…. marketing GENIUSES with a full line of products.

They even have their own “Bobble Heads”! Guess what?

BAM!!!! Look who has their own finger puppet … LMAO!

That’s right … Philip Hatter  of Lil Beards ( made me this custom “Captain Wines” finger puppet. Of course he also made some in the likeness of the Duck Dynasty crew.

Si Robertsons cup and Captains Tottie GlassStill not convinced? Here’s another “product” for ya… how about Uncle Si’s “tea cup”?

Rhett and I have our own “Tottie glasses”! They even have our names and logos on em! Mine travels with me everywhere we go (although I don’t take it out of the hotel at conventions, shows etc).

I know …. you’re still not buying it. Duck Dynasty is picked up by big “networks” right?

Well so are we! The Fire Critic and I are hosted by First Arriving Emergency Services Network (link)! Only the largest (and still growing) Emergency Services Network out there! Like I told ya in yesterday’s post … we’re HUGE in Iceland…LMAO!!!

So there ya have it. Although The Fire Critic and I are NOT celebrities or famous, we DO have a lot in common with some people that are. Actually, we’re EXACTLY the same….only DIFFERENT…LMAO!

Who knows, if we keep working hard enough; we might just become famous one day. You might even catch us making a guest appearance on one of these reality shows some day. Better yet, we may just make our OWN!

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines