Active shooter locks down Station #13 but don’t panic…. I’m busting out!


Photo from Don Peterson / Roanoke Times

Photo from Don Peterson / Roanoke Times

There was an “active shooter” just blocks from our station this evening.

The title says we were on “lock down” but that wasn’t until we blasted right through their scene … lights, sirens and all!

Yea… I know … STUPID!! A guy on a roof with a riffle and we run a big red TARGET right by him playing a tune on the “Q” siren that was just screaming “shoot at us”!

Thing is, we didn’t know about the incident until it was too late. We weren’t dispatched to the call nor were we notified that it was happening. Meanwhile, we caught a run that took us right through the scene.

Obviously, we returned to quarters via a different route and once there learned that the shooter had jumped from the roof and was now on foot “somewhere”. Needless to say, the bay doors came down and we buttoned up the station.

4415807Thankfully, our Brothers in Blue had the suspect in custody within a short while and things got back to normal around here … well normal for the ZOO we work in anyway ….LOL

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Roanoke’s crime rate and stats HERE

Team MN8 FoxFire at the Harrisburg Fire Expo 2013It’s a good thing they caught the guy cause if they hadn’t by shift break (07:50am) I was gonna have to bust outta here any way possible….LOL!

As soon as my relief gets here in the morning, I’m heading out for the Lancaster County Firemen’s Association Annual FIRE EXPO (link) in Harrisburg, Pa!

I attended last year and have to admit …. Harrisburg is a GREAT expo!

It’s about a 5 hr drive for me and you never know where I may stop along the way. It’s pretty much a straight shot up Interstate 81. If you’re along that route and want to meet up, shoot me a message and we’ll see if it’s possible.

Better yet, just head on up to Harrisburg this weekend. At any of the shows, you can always find me in the MN8 FoxFire (link) booth and Harrisburg will be no different. We will be located in the same spot we had last year inside the North East hall, booth# 637 A&B. View the complete layout of the Expo exhibit floors HERE .

Read my post from the 2013 Harrisburg Expo HERE

Photo my M. Schimmel

Photo my M. Schimmel

For a couple hours on Friday, you’ll also be able to find me with the crew from Demers Ambulance (link)!

You may remember that The Fire Critic and I teamed up with Demers at FDIC this year. Well, it’s turned out to be a REALLY good fit. They are a GREAT company with an equally impressive product and Rhett and I are proud to be a small part of their team.

 Pics from FDIC with Demers Ambulance HERE

My post from FDIC 2014 HERE

TRUST me … take the time to stop by their booth and take a look at the MXP-170. You’ll be impressed … we were!

Need another reason to stop by and visit Demers? How about the fact that we’ll be GIVING AWAY a leather helmet! Not just any leather helmet mind ya … a Phenix TL2!!

Be SURE to stay tuned in to The Fire Critic,  and Demers Ambulance via our Face Book pages for complete details throughout the weekend! on Face Book HERE

Demers Ambulance on Face Book HERE

OneSource Banner

onesource_web_pic_thumbYou’ll also be able to find me in the OneSource Fire Rescue (link) booth.

Another GREAT company! They have already started sharing product GIVEAWAYS as well as deals and discount prices for the show!

You’ll find us in the North hall, booth #787-788.

More details and times TBA so be sure to keep on top of our Face Book pages. Onesource Fire Rescue web site HERE and on Face Book HERE !

Progress Bash 2014Of course, you’ll also catch me at the Progress Bash on Saturday night.

I had a BLAST last year and have been looking forward to this year’s for some time now.


I’m also going to try to drop by Colonial Park Fire Company to say hello to all the great Brothers and Sisters we met last year. Read last year’s post (linked above in this post) to see how well Lt.Mike Rodkey and crew treated us!

So, the bottom line here is to get out to Harrisburg for the Expo!! Then, follow along on Face Book to see exactly when and where you can find me and stop by to say hello.

The Fire Critic will once again have to stay behind on this trip but, he will be running the pages from the comfort and safety of his booster seat at the Fire Critic / World Headquarters.  Be sure to drop him a message telling him how much fun we’re having…LOL!

Ok, I’ll be in town sometime around 2pm. Most likely, you’ll find me out by the hotel pool with a hot blonde and something cold to drink. We’ll be at the Holiday Inn on Lindle Road. SEE YA THERE!

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines