VIDEO… Looking back to Moore, Oklahoma 1 year after the deadly F5 tornadoes

Screen shot from NFE Moore Ok videoOne year ago today, a deadly F5 tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

It’s believed that the peak wind speed reached 210 mph!

1.3 miles wide at it’s peak, the tornado stayed on the ground for approx 39 minutes and left a path of destruction 17 miles long!

Moore Ok screen shot from video377 were injured that day, 24 lost their lives.

7 of the 24 were children who were killed at Plaza Towers Elementary School. Their names and ages were Sydney Angle -9 years old, Antonia Candelaria -9, Emily Conatzer -9, Kyle Davis -8, Ja’Nae Hornsby-9, Christopher Legg -9 and Nicolas McCabe  also just 9 years old.

I was in Moore not long after the tornadoes. I went with Shane Parkins and the NFE. Through IAFF L-157 President, Phil Sipes, we had learned that 52 firefighters from the area had been personally affected by the storms. Over 30 of those members lost their homes!

With your help, we were able to raise some money in an effort to help our Brothers and Sisters as much as possible. Shane and I made the trip to survey the damage and put the money directly in the hands that needed it.

What we found was unbelievable…. the people we met, even more so. Brandon Whitehouse and Jon Cook were two of the members we were able to assist. You’ll hear some of their story in the video below which was produced / directed by Jeycob Carlson for the NFE. I’ll try to tell you the rest of it in additional posts throughout the week.

Click HERE to read “From the Rubble”


Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines