FINALLY… My two favorite professions combined… Firefighting and Farming!

Rob ReidI couldn’t believe it when I heard what our scheduled training for yesterday was …. cross fencing and cattle bells!

Now I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how they were gonna tie these two topics into firefighting but I also have all the confidence in our training staff and knew they could pull it off (after all, I trained the two instructors as Melrose Misfits).

Well, as it turns out; apparently I need hearing-aids because what they were talking about was Cross Fit and Kettlebells !

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They’re calling the class “Human Performance Program” or “HPP”. Our Department recently purchased a bunch of Cross Fit type equipment for every station. The intent of the class is to get the members familiar with the equipment and proper use / technique.

Now don’t get excited … they’re not pushing the Cross Fit style / type of workouts down our throats. The intent of the class is simply to raise awareness and motivate our members to at least do “something” in the form of physical fitness. The equipment they purchased can be used in many ways other than Cross Fit.

Class room 2The equipment and class is simply another “tool” for our “tool box”. We actually have a SOG requiring an hour of physical fitness per shift (we work a 24 hr shift).

It was a good class that contained a lot of things that needed to be said. I’d bet every Department has a member or two that you wouldn’t want in front of or behind you on the line…. am I right?

You know… that member that we all know sucks a bottle dry in 6 minutes and is spent afterwards. The member who can’t carry their share of the work load… who slows the team and puts not only himself but other members at risk.

Not too long ago, a Brother wrote me asking about RIT tips, techniques or tricks when dealing with over weight firefighters. It struck me odd that the Brother was thinking that direction rather than the direction of getting those over weight members into better shape. I wrote about it in the post below…. it’s worth a read.

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Captain Wines work out attireSo like I said, it was a great class with a TON of useful information and it wasn’t all class room.

We brought work out attire and moved outside to try a little of what we learned.

HOLD ON…HOLD ON… I know what you’re going to say (beyond how good I look). YES… I do own sneakers. I have a pair of Chuck Taylor High Tops but forgot to put em on the rig…LOL.

So outside, we got to practice / experience some of the moves / techniques we learned inside.

We did 10 air squats, 10 push ups and swung the kettlebell 10 times. I don’t know which is “reps” or “sets” but we did those three exercises 6 times (for a total of 60 times each exercise).

I thought I was in shape but learned that I can use the work. I’ll admit that I’m one of those guys who doesn’t go to the gym or work out every day. I figured my farm work had and would keep me in decent shape. There’s always room for improvement…. plus they said working out regularly improves your sexual performance!!

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air squatsSo, my question is “What is YOUR workout routine?” Do you even have one?

If you don’t think you need one ….. I’ll bet you do.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as Cross Fit. It doesn’t have to be power lifting etc.

Simple movements with a little cardio…. and NO…. that doesn’t mean stretching across the coffee table for the TV remote. For all the “Senior” members out there …. DON’T be afraid to get out into the bay, weight room or gym and work out. Along with that, DON’T try to keep up with or show off to members half your age…. work at YOUR pace and remember … “if it hurts (as in painful) … STOP”. DO lead by example and encourage the younger / junior members to get out there as well. Our younger members shouldn’t feel embarrassed or as if they are the only ones working out. If they feel that way, more than likely they’re not going to do it and could very well end up becoming a liability, falling behind on the scene, becoming injured or worse.

We owe it to ourselves, our families, our Brothers and Sisters to go home after each shift. Take every advantage possible to make sure that happens!

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Meet yesterday’s lead instructor Rob “Bugg” Reid

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Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines