I “Find em Hot, Leave em Wet” and “Fight what you Fear”!

Big Johnson memoryglands comActually, I have been fighting something we should all fear but that’s NOT what I’m talking about.

Today’s title is in reference to Firefighter T-shirts …. you know the ones … we’ve all seen em. Some of you may even wear em. Here are some examples of actual shirts….

“I fight what you fear”.

“Find em hot, leave em wet”.

“It’s not how many fires you put out… It’s the size of your Johnson that counts”.

“Part time fireman, Full time Bad Ass”

“Practice Fire Safety. Sleep with a Fireman”

“Firefighters have more hose”

“Firefighter. My job is to SAVE your ass… not Kiss it”

amazon comI have to admit, I don’t like this type of  T-shirt. I think they’re unprofessional and often times tacky.

Rhett (The Fire Critic) and I speak about it in one of the classes we present.

Think of it this way …. is this the way you want the public to perceive you as a firefighter?

Is it the way you want the public to perceive your Department or Company? I would hope not.

I think that in a lot of places all across the Country, the general public is unaware of what we, as first responders (Fire, Rescue, Police); do on a daily basis.

104911store comMany still have the “old school” mentality in believing that we sit around all day, playing cards, grab ass or taking naps.

They have no idea how many hours of training it takes to maintain our certifications, health and physical abilities.

They never think about the man hours involved in maintaining a station and it’s apparatus.

They don’t understand that many of the career members are away from their families for 24 hours at a time or that we work a 56 hr work week.

They don’t know that volunteers do all that (and more) plus manage a full time job and that they too are leaving family behind while at the station.

They don’t know what we (as firefighters) do but we show them every time we wear a shirt like this out in public. This is what they see. This is our mentality … or at least that’s what they may perceive our mentality as being. We are wearing the shirt ..right?

Ironfiremen.com on Face Book

Now that you know that I don’t like the shirts and why, I’ll say that I know why many of you do like and wear them.

PRIDE. I get that. You’re PROUD to be a firefighter and you want everyone to know who you are and what you do. Again I get it. I just don’t think these type of shirts deliver that massage. I have a solution for ya ….

Firehouse shirt club

July 2014 shirt from Firehouse Shirt Club

July 2014 shirt from Firehouse Shirt Club

The “Firehouse Shirt Club”. (Find them on Face Book HERE)

This company is Firefighter owned and operated!

They provide a quality, professional shirt to their members every month!

The shirts are AUTHENTIC station shirts from Companies / Departments all across the Country.

The club is easy and affordable to join.

For $22.00 per month, you’ll receive a quality, authentic station shirt, ON YOUR DOORSTEP every month! (The cost includes shipping and handling charges).

August 2014 shirt from Firehouse Shirt Club

August 2014 shirt from Firehouse Shirt Club

There are no hidden fees and you  can cancel your membership at any time.

These shirts show PRIDE in a professional way and you’ll receive a different one every month! (available in sizes s-3x)

The company is also looking for new shirts to add to the club. If your Company / Department has a shirt that is professional and shows PRIDE, then you should submit it for consideration.

If your shirt is chosen as a featured shirt for a 2014 delivery, you’ll get a flat screen TV valued up to $500 for the station! (Plus your shirt will be worn by members ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!)


They’ll reproduce your shirt for that ONE TIME USE ONLY (they only ship to members and are NOT sold afterward to non-members) or, with your permission; they’ll work directly through your printer!

Jim, one of the owners; is a Firefighter / Medic for Dallas Fire-Rescue. He’s very easy to work with and available for any questions you may have. You can contact him through their web site  or Face Book page .

Firehouse Shirt Club adTrust me Brothers…. you’ll get a lot more respect by wearing a shirt from Firehouse Shirt Club than you will from wearing one the “wacker” types.

To all the “significant others” out there, think of a club membership as a special gift for your firefighter.

Use the link below to sign up for the club or to submit your Station Shirt for consideration ….


Firehouse Shirt Club Web-Site

Firehouse Shirt Club on Face Book

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines