Day #10 Winners!! FireCritic / Ironfiremen 12 Days of Christmas!

12-Days-of-Christmas 2014



The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is underway! The winners for Day #10 are listed below. View the prize schedule here.

Today’s prizes wouldn’t be possible without our friends at Black Diamond ,  America’s Female Firefighters, MN8 FoxFire and Fire Cam. Be sure to check them out on Face Book and give them a “like”!

You can still enter to win if you haven’t already! Enter once per email address.


Day 10 Winners – 12/23

black-diamond1Prize #1: Black Diamond Protective Equipment – JEFFREY HARDY

1 pair of Black Diamond X2 Leather Firefighting Boots
Website – FacebookTwitter

Also included: America’s Female Firefighters, Inc. 2015 Calendar  Website –Facebook 

Prize #2: MN8 FoxFire – JAMES CHABALIE

LG-0b34fc35-51c3-4163-aed7-62b2408552c0MN8 Prize Package includind: 1 regular Illuminating Foxfire/Box Alarm Leather Combo (radio strap, anti-swap strap and a universal radio case) and including Illuminating Foxfire/Box Alarm Leather Glove Straps
Website – FacebookTwitter

Prize #3: Fire Cam Fire and Police Cameras – NATHAN BALL

fire camHelmet or Dash Fire Cam HD Camera
Web site – Facebook





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Stay SAFE and in House …. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Captain Wines