“Blowin Smoke”

Capt Wines and Goodo Cove Rd working fireMy good friend, Andrew Catron; runs the web site Model City Firefighter.

It’s a GREAT site that has come a long way in a very short time. If you’ve never visited or if you’re not following the site, you should be!

Andrew “gets it”. Tradition, Pride, Honor, Respect and the Brotherhood can be found in each article he posts.

He has a recurring post or column he calls “Blowin Smoke”. It’s basically an interview with various Officers / members of the Fire Service from all across the Country.

He’s been hounding me for some time now to do the interview … I recently did. I think (hope) it turned out pretty decent. Thanks to Andrew for thinking of me enough to include me within the ranks of men like Chief John Salka, Kevin Shea, Chief Rick Lasky, Chief Ty Dickerson, Chief Anthony Avillo and many more!

Read my “Blowin Smoke” interview HERE

Previous interviews can be found HERE

Model City Firefighter on Face Book is HERE


Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines