The Deflated Balls debate… A Fireman’s perspective

deflated ballI’m not a big pro football fan. Actually,I’m not much of a pro sports fan at all but today, all I’ve seen and heard about are these deflated balls.

I don’t know what all the “hype” is about and really don’t care either.

What I do find interesting is that with all the news and social media coverage these deflated balls have been getting today, everyone has missed the point they’ve proven….

Apparently, SIZE MATTERS!

5 inch attackOf course we Firefighters have known that all along.

Almost everything we do on a daily basis deals with size in one way or another.

Big fire, big water right?

We don’t pull a booster line on well involved structure fires. We pull an 1 3/4″, a 2 1/2 and sometimes (like pictured here) we go even bigger (deck gun, ladder pipe or 5″). SIZE MATTERS.


Photo credit: Christopher Boehling

Photo credit: Christopher Boehling

I’m not talking just diameter either… how about weight?

Our swinging / striking / forcible entry tools come in an assortment of weights (8, 10, 12 and even 16 lbs) and for good reason. SIZE MATTERS!

Length? Yep.. that too. Both swinging and pulling tools also come in a variety of lengths. Again…SIZE MATTERS!

Another (and maybe the most obvious) example would be our ladders. How about pulling up in that fancy new 75′ quint the Chief got ya to find out you’re about 25′ short? Yea, you guessed it… SIZE MATTERS!

385589_421981607830068_850578567_nHere’s another thing today’s “deflated ball” rants / debates have totally missed…. the “condition” or cleanliness of the balls.

The balls they’ve been talking about are a vital part of the game.

Something they depend on and use every day… a tool … crucial to the task at hand.

Every firefighter knows about keeping their tool (or balls in this case) clean and ready for work… especially those of us who wear kilts….


LOL… OK, OK … I needed the laugh and was actually growing tired of the deflated ball talk. Hope you enjoyed my perspective …LOL

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines