Video: “When Those Sirens are Gone”

CFD_8I get messages, e-mails etc from all over the world. It’s quite humbling actually.

I don’t always get to accommodate the requests I sometime receive but always try to at least reply to the contact.

Yesterday, one of our Canadian Brothers, Karl Downton; hit me up and wanted to share a video.

It was a home video that another Canadian Brother filmed of himself singing a song he had written.

Karl wanted to share it with me because he thought I may be able to relate to the words of the song. He also hoped to get “the word” out about Brother Kevin Davidson, the journey he’s embarking on, the song and it’s subjet.

The video and song is by Kevin Davidson . Kevin is a Volunteer Firefighter for Greenwich VFD in Kings County Nova Scotia. He is also a paid Paramedic for EHS in Nova Scotia.

The song is about Firefighter / First Responder PTSD and is called “When Those Sirens are Gone”.

Now keep in mind that what I’m going to share with you is home video. The good news is that Kevin has taken a month off from work and will be heading down to Nashville, Tn. in February to professionally record the song.

He hopes his efforts will help raise awareness of Firefighter / First Responder PTSD …. I do too!

If you, or someone you know; is suffering with Grief, Depression, Stress and / or PTSD you may find the following links helpful….

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The Station House Retreat

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Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

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Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines