I wish

You know the old saying “sh%# in one hand, wish in the other and see which one fills up first”? Well, that’s what today’s post is about… my wishes.

Captain Willie Wines Jr by Nate Camfiord editedI WISH…

I WISH the job cared as much about me as I do it.

I WISH I had the same same passion and desire as I did in the 90’s.

I WISH I had put as much time into my family as I did the job.

I WISH I had been a better father and husband.

I WISH I had listened more to the advise I was given.

I WISH I had of went right instead of left at Hurt Park.

I WISH I could leave the job on the job.

I WISH I could sleep through the night.

I WISH I didn’t have to take a nap following my tours.

I WISH I wasn’t so tired all the time.

Prayer before 911 Stair Climb at FDICI WISH I had taken as good of care of myself as I tried to for others.

I WISH I could forget the faces.

I WISH I hadn’t seen what I have.

I WISH I didn’t know what I know.

I WISH I knew how to prepare you for the job.

I WISH you’d believe me and take the advise.

I WISH I knew when and how to walk away.

I WISH I could afford to.

10603560_921419564541448_1424390908966010923_nI WISH I could have made a larger, more positive impact.

I WISH I had set a better example.

I WISH I had told him I loved him.

I WISH I could have traded places with both of them.

I WISH I wouldn’t do it all over again if given the chance but I would.

I WISH I had that chance!

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