The Demers Difference!

IMAG1472If you’re in the market for an ambulance, don’t sell yourself short… give Demers a look!

Demers Ambulances is one of the largest firms in North America and is the Canadian leader in ambulance design, manufacturing and distribution.

Demers Ambulances benefits from over 50 years of success with more than 15,000 ambulances sold to customers in over 20 countries in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe!

unnamed (1)Hundreds of innovative and exclusive differences make a Demers ambulance stronger, more aerodynamic, more fuel-efficient, longer lasting, smarter and safer.

50 years of experience and customer feedback have led to continual improvements, driven by the philosophy that every single detail contributes to a superior vehicle. Demers ambulances deliver significant and tangible added value, low operating costs and excellent, 24/7 after-sale service.

Detail by detail, Demers ambulances have exceeded the sum of their parts and are standouts in the industry.

Demers mobility track seatThese units are built with OUR SAFETY in mind.

When an ambulance is involved in an accident, our members are more likely to be hurt or killed if they are not properly secured and facing forward.

It’s something we’ve always known but never had a solution for. Demers has it in their Mobility Track Seat!

This seat allows the attendant to remain secured in the seat without loosing access to the pt (head to toe). This seat moves in every direction you’ll possible need including forward facing to a work station for when you’re not conducting patient care.

When you look at a Demers, you’ll quickly realize that they bring aircraft quality and engineering to everything they do. The only plywood you’ll find in these units is in the sub flooring. They are the most tested ambulances available.

They pull test their safety restraint netting to 3,080 lbs.  They pull test the cabinets (to 9,000 lbs), equipment restraints, seat belts and more. They offer shatter resistant Lexan as standard, they designed their mobility track seat and pull tested it to over 5,000 lb. NO ONE else is able to share test results like these.

13853815823_6e82650ab8_zYou’ve seen me and The Fire Critic in the Demers Ambulance booth at both FDIC and the Harrisburg (Pa) Fire Expo.

You don’t find us in just any booth or working with just any company.

We have to believe in the Company and their product. Demers makes that easy!

The one thing I haven’t mentioned is cost and Demers is proud to have one of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Four (4) key elements allow them to do this…. their IDLE-REDUCTION SYSTEM provides up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption. Their AERODYNAMIC ROOF DESIGN allows for up to 14% savings in fuel. Their CLEVER CABINETRY DESIGN AND MATERIALS also provides better fuel economy and adds to the resale value. Their LIVE WEB TROUBLE SHOOTING AND SUPPORT allows for INSTANT assistance and reduces maintenance costs!

Like I said in the beginning, if you’re in the market for a new ambulance take a look at the Demers Difference…. TRUST ME!

Find Demers Ambulance at the 2015 Harrisburg Fire Expo in the Main Hall, Booth 1011-1012

DEMERS on Face Book

Demers web site

Stay SAFE and in Hose!

Captain Wines