What’s happening in the Fire Service…

LMAO … well that’s a trick question but what I’m talking about is some of the latest news and stories surrounding our profession.

I haven’t posted on a “regular” pattern / schedule much lately as it’s hay and vacation season, add in my busy schedule and messed up life / mind and the honest answer is that I simply haven’t had the time or desire to write.

With that being said, I hope you all enjoyed a safe 4th of July (Independence Day) and that you were able to spend it with friends and family… I did!

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Armbrister edit with video tabSo what’s been happening with, in or around the Fire Service??? PLENTY! Allow me to share just a little of it with you.

My latest post, “WTF?!? And I’m NOT talking about Well Trained Firefighters” was  a big hit and even shared by Chief Billy on The Secret List! If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen it yet, please check it out in the link above.

I tried to stay fairly neutral in a post that included VIDEO of some tactics that, to many; may have been questionable (or worse).

I stayed neutral because I don’t like to “Monday morning quarterback” short video clips that may or may not show / tell the entire story. In this case however, I did talk directly to at least one member involved. I did this because the person in question is none other than one of my previous members known to my readers as “Rookie Randy”.

There were some very interesting comments that went in various directions. Even if you read the article, it ma be worth your while to go back and look at the COMMENTS.

Critic helmet camThe Fire Critic has been busy this week and gotten a few posts up.

As usual, he has several involving helmet camera videos that are worth the time to watch.

One in particular is from right here in our home state of Virginia coming out of Smithfield.

The house is located in the 200 block of James Landing Circle in Isle of Wight, VA. The fire was caused by lighting strike.

Rhett had been waiting for the full video since seeing a piece of it on the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook Page. Then, WAVY ran the full video on Youtube.

See his post by CLICKING HERE .

Pete LundRhett also had a nice piece up about deceased FDNY Lt Pete Lund.

Pete is very well known for his time on FDNY’s Rescue 2, Kentland 33 and the Woodmere VFD out on Long Island, NY.

“Retired FDNY Lt. Peter Lund died in the line of duty on June 14th after fighting a fire with his volunteer fire dept. in Woodmere, NY. The fire, which occurred at 753 Long Acre Ave., was apparently electrical in nature. After the fire was extinguished, Pete Lund was stricken by a heart attack and was transported to St. John’s Hospital in cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly before midnight. He was 54-years old.”

Read that entire article, including 2 videos by CLICKING HERE

st3The Model City Firefighter (Andrew Catron) has gotten caught up again the the “silly season” down in Kingsport, Tennessee. I call it that because every year, this Department has a major “shuffle” of it’s members as related to station assignments.

Of course, that topic in itself is a HUGE debate within the Fire Service…. leave companies together of bust em up on a regular basis.

Stay and learn your territory or bounce around and always be on edge? Become comfortable with your crew or work to fit in, find each other’s work habits and  find neutral ground? There are advantages and disadvantages to both ….

Well, Andrew is leaving “Motel 6” and heading out for Station #3. I’m sure he’ll do well and help his Company build upon their Pride and Ownership of the Station and Department.

Read about his move HERE

Statter anti gayAnd of course Dave Statter’s page (Statter 911) is FULL of content (he has NOTHING else to do…LOL).

Dave is well known for his video clips, stories, commentaries etc, etc, etc….. of course it can be argued that he’s best know for his relationship with the Fire Critic and myself…LMAO.

Anyway, one of his most popular posts of late deals with  ANTI-Gay  remarks from a Cleveland Firefighter posted to Face Book.

The post has stirred the debate as to whether or not we (as Firefighters, Medics, Public Servants, First Responders etc) should be held to a “Higher Standard” when it comes to our thoughts, feelings, Freedom Of Speech etc.

There’s always good content on Statter 911 so give him a look as well … CLICK HERE

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Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines