WTF?!? Too hot for turnout gear?

Photo by Rich Bean

Photo by Rich Bean

Yea… another “WTF” moment and once again, I’m not talking about “Well Trained Firefighters”.

This past Saturday (July 25, 2015) at approx 06:30 pm, a large fire broke out at 2519 Main Street in Lake Placid, NY.

The fire burned for at least 5 hours and understandably caused “extensive damage”.

I was sent this picture (right) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I took a closer look…. the firefighter (I’ll use that term lightly) on the nozzle is indeed wearing shorts, tennis shoes, a t-shirt and no helmet. I’m not sure why he even took the time to put on an SCBA. Maybe it was just too hot for full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

The photo is unbelievable to me and should be upsetting to everyone on the job. We should all be outraged that this was allowed to happen. What were they (everyone) thinking? on Face Book

Photo by dedamwriter

Photo by dedamwriter

How does this happen in today’s Fire Service?

Where is the Incident Commander? Where is the Safety Officer? Why does the Firefighter in the Red Helmet not get this guy out of there? (I’ll add that I also hope the person in the Red Helmet is wearing a red turnout coat but I’m not so sure).

Where did this guy get the SCBA? Why would the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department  give him one or allow this to happen at all?

I try not to “Monday Morning Quarterback” the photos and videos that get sent to me knowing that they are only a short “snap shot” or “clip” of what is / was happening. With that said, it’s photos like this that are difficult not to comment on and before you ask …NO … I was NOT there.

The sad thing here is that I’m sure this guy thought he was helping … I hope he knows he wasn’t. I hope the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department knows it as well.

Lake Placid Vol. Fire Dept. web site HERE

Lake Placid Vol. FD on Face Book HERE

Photo by Rich Bean

Photo by Rich Bean

Images like these are detrimental to the Fire Service as a whole and there should be consequences for those who allowed it to happen.

Have they never heard of Everyone Goes Home (link)? Are they not aware of the initiative to keep our LODD’s (Line Of Duty Deaths) under 50 this year?

I’d love to know who thought this risk was worth the gain and don’t think for a moment that this wasn’t a HUGE risk.

I wonder what the headlines what have said if this Firefighter had been injured or killed? Who would have been held liable? Think about that for a moment.

Dave Statter had this story first. His post has several more video’s, pictures and even gives the name of the Firefighter in shorts. You can read that article and more in the links below….

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Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines