Company Spotlight: The RAGE Co. / Fire Rescue Fitness

The Companies below have been supporters of,, our friends, fans and followers throughout the year(s).

Many of the Companies you’ll find here are Firefighter owned and / or operated. All of them are supporters of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

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Spot Rage Fire Rescue Fitness

The Rage CoThe RAGE Co: Rapid Action Gear & Equipment Co. is a firefighter owned and operated business, whose our goal is to outfit you with the right tools for the job.

“Firefighters Outfitting Firefighters, we only sell what we use”. These are tools that they use and recommend themselves.

It is also their mission to find quality products that are made or designed by fellow firefighters.

From their web site: “As a small start up company, owned and operated by firefighters,we appreciate your business and consideration. As we continue to develop, our goal is to provide easy access to quality products, that we use on a daily basis. Products that we will stand behind, that have stood up to the demands while meeting our needs. If we do not use it, or would not recommend it, we won’t sell it”.

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Fire Rescue FitnessFire Rescue Fitness: Fire Rescue Fitness is a leader in developing effective and efficient workout programs for firefighters, EMTs and paramedics.

Just one of the many things they offer, The Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Workout Package is a 12-week workout program designed to get you stronger, leaner and fit for the physical challenges on the fire ground.

The eBook Workout Package includes:

  • 12-week training calendar with daily workout plan that explains what you need to do each day (strength, core, cardio, flexibility, recovery, power, intervals)
  • 12 full-body efficient and effective (strength, power and conditioning) workouts
  • 5 different challenge workouts to test your level of fitness and bring it up to the next level.
  • Core exercises and stretches that will make you move more efficiently and PAIN FREE.
  • Interval Cardio Workouts that incorporate fire ground movement patterns.
  • Over 150 Exercises with guides that are easy to follow (and printable) that instruct you on proper form. Each exercise links to a video showing it in proper motion also. Most importantly, the program explains how, why and when to do each exercise.
  • Fire Rescue Athlete Training Rationale- why the program is so effective…