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Spot Get Hosed - Smoke is Showing

Get Hosed ApparelGet Hosed Apparel: Get Hosed Apparel up-cycles old fire hose and turnout gear.  Most recently they started making some leather products as well.

Get Hosed Apparel was founded in 2014 by Jay Ernsberger. Jay is a volunteer fireman at a local fire department and is very passionate about his service to the community. For the safety of firemen, fire hose must be tested annually to ensure its functionality. Bunker gear must be inspected and, regardless of condition, must be retired after 10 years. Because of these policies, thousands of feet of fire hose and thousands of sets of bunker gear get discarded every year.
Rather than waste the retired fire equipment, Jay was brainstorming ways to up-cycle it into novelty items. By experimenting with an old section of fire hose from his own department, he discovered and designed multiple products. Fire departments from across the country saw his products and wanted to help a fellow firefighter brother. By giving their retired fire equipment to Jay, more products were able to be made making the business exponentially grow.
While Get Hosed Apparel has continued to grow, it remains a family-owned American business. In an effort to give back to these fire departments and the community in general, Get Hosed Apparel has donated numerous products for prizes at multiple fire fighter related fundraising events”.


u1053985137-o656961131-53Smoke Is Showing Fireground Photography:

Hello and welcome to “Smoke is Showing”, an online gallery dedicated to Fire Service photography. My name is Mitchell and I am the photographer as well as the Canadian Director of the International Fire Photographers Association. I am located in Southern Ontario, between Toronto and Niagara Falls.
I provide photography for training, live scene, apparatus and traditional firefighter portraits and collages to departments in the area. I also create custom and creative helmet and turn out gear images. I am available to travel to meet your needs.

Training images are a valuable tool for both positive re-enforcement and to address areas for improvement. All Departments do Class A portraits of their members as well as collages. Consider me to do the job.
Live scene images can be used for the exact same reason as well as an investigative tool and for and archival purposes. Apparatus, custom and traditional portraits are always in demand for archival, identification and personal purposes.

My custom helmet and turn out gear imagery are just plain “cool” to hang on your wall”.