Company Spotlight: MN8 FoxFire / PCL Fire

The Companies below have been supporters of,, our friends, fans and followers throughout the year(s).

Many of the Companies you’ll find here are Firefighter owned and / or operated. All of them are supporters of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

They continue their support this year through our 12 Days of Christmas Give-A-Way (our biggest of the year)!

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Spot MN8 - PCL

10410182_1010213732340183_7499460704209760481_nMN8 FoxFire:

MN8-Foxfire® is a company that prides itself on illuminating safety — literally. Firefighter owned, we develop, and now sell, photoluminescent products to keep firefighters safe. The photoluminescent coatings used on Foxfire products will brighten in total darkness for up to 17 hours.

These aren’t just some glow-in-the dark novelty items; each one of our products can be charged in solely a few minutes by almost any light source — and that includes the sun! As recharging is as simple as letting a Foxfire item sit in the light, there is no need for other any other source like an external battery.

Safety is on our minds, safety is in our products. All MN8-Foxfire items are designed and developed to keep people as safe as is physically possible. Since Foxfire is a firefighter-owned company, many of our photoluminescent items have focused on and been integrated into firefighting gear. Having dependable visibility in dangerous situations is of the utmost importance to our fellow firefighters and, therefore, to us.

With our brand constantly growing, MN8-Foxfire offers items that will enhance safety for everyone. Check out our shop to see what Foxfire products can help you. And don’t worry; we have a variety of colors that will please everyone.


pcl-firePCL Fire:

Pelletteria Custom Leather is 100% handmade leather goods produced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

All materials used by Pelletteria Custom Leather are purchased from American owned and operated businesses. Pelletteria only uses the finest quality of hand picked beautiful Oak-Leaf vegetable tanned leather.

The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each handmade leather product is perfected over time and made to last. All of Pelletteria Custom Leather’s “works of art” are hand crafted one at a time by the artist (Leathersmith) George P. Huzjak II.