By Firefighters for Firefighters

12670101_554204564748730_6631828046808064388_nA month or so ago I had the opportunity to meet / talk with Captain Mark Rowan over the telephone.

Mark is a Captain with the Whiteville, NC Fire Department but he is also the owner / operator of Carolina Fire Shields. He’s my kind of guy…. straight up, open, honest, to the point and no BS.

I needed two custom shields (fronts) for my firefighters. I had reached out to a few of my friends in the shield business but like so many of you probably also often find …. the waiting line was long.

I had been seeing some of Mark’s work around Face Book and decided to give him a try. Man was I glad I did!

Mark told me EXACTLY what he could do, WHEN he could do it by, then he FOLLOWED TROUGH!

12687793_552997811536072_3152236294130731925_nI couldn’t be happier with the results.

Both Gabe (Sheldon) and Jerry needed new helmets because their’s were out of date. The Department issued them but the shields (fronts) just didn’t seem to fit.

Of course nothing at “Lucky #13” is run of the mill so we had t do something different.

I told the boys that I would get them each a new custom front (they deserve MUCH more than that from me) and Jerry came up with the design.

He said, “you know…. if we could get the American Flag pictured waving inside the number 13, that would be AWESOME”.


38ff7ca6-080f-45b0-93bb-61e8fd3e5f5cWell, when Carolina Fire Shields says “custom”, that’s exactly what they mean.

There’s no automated or assembly line work here. Each shield is custom designed, made and finished by Mark himself. Made by a Firefighter, for Firefighters.

I explained the design over the phone and he NAILED IT!

1f484065-9b6d-485e-82e9-b4563761005aAbout his Carolina Fire Shields, Mark says; “My shields are far from flawless. They are firefighter made for firefighters. They are meant to be smoked up, charred, and used to Kick Ass”

If you’re looking for a Custom Leather Shield (front) for ANY reason … to wear on the job, Decorative, Parade, Presentation, Company / Department shields etc, give Carolina Fire Shields a look…. HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.

12687877_552997798202740_8948244686379503093_nBe SURE to check out, “LIKE” and follow Carolina Fire Shields on Face Book. You can find them by clicking HERE .

You can also reach Mark (Carolina Fire Shields) directly by phone @ 910-840-5331 .

His prices are more than fair and friendly and the results are worth every penny!

Do me a favor and let him know that you seen his work here on the pages of Ironfiremen. com

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines