Need someone to talk to?

Our job is an honorable but difficult one. Added to the daily stresses of life, the things we see and do on the job can take a toll on our mental health and wellness.

You try to hide it … to “file it away” somewhere in the back of your mind but it doesn’t work. The stress will grow and “fester” in your mind. Many turn to alcohol or some other substance to mask the pain (Addiction). Often times it will surface in anger aimed at those you love the most.

You’re not eating or sleeping well. You feel as if you’ve been kicked in the gut and can’t breath. You’re having trouble focusing. You’re feeling lost and lonely. You feel as if you have nobody to talk to. Nobody who will “understand”.

You may even be scared or embarrassed (we’re supposed to be the tough ones who can handle anything right?).

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many of us out here thinking, feeling and going through the same things you are. NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE.

Here are some links for you to use … they’re safe and confidential. They understand us (first responders) and speak “our language”.

  • Station House Retreat Help line 855-995-6794
  • SAFE CALL NOW !!!  1-206-459-3020 or click to visit SAFE CALL NOW
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-(TALK) 8255

Some other helpful links:

Need more than a phone call? Somewhere to go? A SAFE place … somewhere where they will understand who you are and what you’re dealing with? Use the link below to learn more about Station House Retreat… an addiction, recovery and treatment facility EXCLUSIVE to First Responders (Fire, EMS, Police and Corrections Officers)

Yea, Firefighter Lives Matter too (Click Here)

Still not convinced? CALL ME … (540) 597-8068