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Duck Dynasty, The Fire Critic and Ironfiremen.com?!?

We're Firefighters! We are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and uncles. We're no different from any of you. We're also APPROACHABLE. How many times can you read an article / post and then turn around and call or directly message the Author? Our contact information is posted on our sites / pages. We enjoy and encourage interaction and contact from our readers.

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A needed distraction …

It's gonna feel good to be back in New York, in my kilt and working. I'm excited! Hell, just being able to wear my kilt will make the trip worth while (of course I'll wear my kilt ANYWHERE).

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The simplicity of Brotherhood

Brotherhood doesn't have to be something huge. It's caring about and looking after one another. RESPECT for your fellow members. Pride in how you represent our profession. The Tradition of looking after and caring for our own and Honoring those who came before us, those beside us today and all who will follow.

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