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Apartment fire displaces 73 residents

Again, getting an attack line into service quickly and efficiently resulted in the saving of lives and property. The fire was held to the room of origin but a couple units sustained water damage while the entire building suffered smoke damage.

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Where were YOU when the world stopped turning

For a little local "catch up", the Brothers and Sisters from our South Side caught a little work last day ( Sunday ) and a citizen caught it on video. Rhett has the complete set of all 3 videos over on Va Fire News HERE . I'll include "part 1" which includes the knock down ...

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Frivolous …hummmm

There are several blogs / sites that I read regularly. One of those is  Hydrant Gal (She calls it Hydrantgirl … I say “Gal”). I enjoy following her exploits plus I’m a sucker for a gal in wranglers and a cowboy hat. Anyway, her  last post   was about weird calls. You know … those calls where you ask yourself ..”did ...

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